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Letter: Voters wanted something different when electing Obama

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Posted: Thursday, February 16, 2012 1:12 pm

Why was Barack Hussein Obama elected in 2008?

Simple: He was presented to us as something different from what we have come to expect from Washington. For decades, the American people have grown weary of where this country has headed and sick of the officials we have elected not representing our concerns. Always entrenched in their parties' agendas, being reelected and who were the big money contributors. We, the American people, were lost in the shuffle.

But, here was a young, good-looking man with little experience in the political arena that we hoped did not already taint him. Plus he was African American, a far cry from the norm who has always run this country, and may I add, into the ground. He was our Hope and Change.

What did the other party do? They put up one of the oldest and oldest status quo politicians they could find, Sen. McCain. Seeing them on camera was a joke - youth, hope, change vs. same ole-same ole!

Unfortunately the only change we received from President Obama was: from dollar bills in our wallets to loose change in our pockets. So now we're into another election year and what did the Republican leadership do? Instead of going with the movers and shakers of the party - Christie, Jindal, Palin, Ryan and Huckabee - they said no!

Instead, they're pushing for an ole status quo and a slick used car salesman.

So here's the lineup folks: One who has brought us to the brink of destruction, a same-ole same-ole, or the one who scares me the most of all, a slick used car salesman.

I may be a Republican, but I'm starting to look at third party or independent. Remember - Libertarians, Green, and the Constitution parties have candidates too.

I know what you're thinking right now after I said this - Oh no, that will split the Republican vote! Well you are sort of right, but it will also split up the Democratic vote as well. Look at the tea party people. They are made up of Democrats, Republicans, third-party and independents who are fed up with this whole Washington game and who want to take this country back and put it into the hands of the people, where we elect representatives - not politicians - to office that will listen and answer only to their constituents.

For right now, I am voting for myself as president. My qualifications could almost match Obama's and I could sleep at night knowing I voted for someone who loves this country, all its people and for the opportunity she gives to all.

Craig Nicholson

San Tan Valley

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