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Why the Democrats will win in November

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Jon Beydler is a 32-year Valley resident and the former mayor of Fountain Hills who now lives in Chandler

Posted: Tuesday, July 27, 2010 11:16 am | Updated: 11:22 pm, Thu Jul 29, 2010.

I mistakenly turned on Fox News a couple of days ago long enough to hear one of their nattering nabobs of negativism boldly predict that the current 9.7 percent national unemployment rate would be the undoing of the Democratic majority in Congress this fall.

Of course these same nabobs made similar predictions after Congress passed the stimulus package and national health care reform. I'm sure we will hear the same thing about the finance reform bill that was signed into law this week. Is this the best ammo they have?

By the way, "nattering nabobs of negativism" was a comment once made by former Vice President Spiro Agnew in the 1960s, referring to critics of President Nixon as "uninformed mongers of pessimism." ... I guess what goes around comes around.

How quickly we forget the past. It was less than two years ago when this country was losing as many as 500,000 jobs every month. Under Democratic leadership, we have been adding jobs every month. That is a net improvement of over 500,000 jobs each month! Yes it's not good enough and more work is to be done. But the Democrats have turned the jobs picture around from doom and gloom to hope. The American people will see through the spin, the misinformation and the outright lies being perpetrated by these self-serving nabobs.

Remember in October of 2008, less than a month before the election, when then-Treasury Secretary Paulson announced to the world that an $850 billion bailout of the nation's banks was required NOW or we were at risk of falling into the abyss of a depression? Under the stewardship of the Obama administration and the Democratically-controlled Congress, a stimulus package was hurried through Congress and signed into law that combined with the bank bailout has moved us away from the free fall to a modicum of normalcy.

More work remains. Underwater homeowners are still losing their homes or walking away in record numbers. President George W. Bush should have bailed out the underwater homeowners instead of the banks.

Speaking of former President Bush, let's not let him and the Republicans off the hook for their disastrous eight years in power. Remember, it was under their watch that 9/11 changed the world forever. It was under their watch that we attacked the wrong country, Iraq, for the wrong reasons - there were no weapons of mass destruction. It was under their watch that the national deficit spun out of control. A footnote here is important: President Clinton, a Democrat, was the last president to balance the budget and begin paying down the national deficit with the surplus funds.

When Bush left the White House, his popularity among the American people was down to 25 percent. At that time, he couldn't win election to the Town Council in his hometown of Crawford, Texas. Let's face it: Republicans were awful and that is why they were taken down by voters in 2008.

All this radical rage is simply background noise being created by those who lost power in ‘08 and their burning desire to get it back, the truth be damned.

Americans vote with their pocketbooks. Are we better today than we were two years ago? You bet. Are things back to the pre-Bush era? Not yet. Is there hope? Absolutely.

Don't be fooled or misled by the noise from the right.

Jon Beydler is a 32-year Valley resident and the former mayor of Fountain Hills who now lives in Chandler.



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