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Letter: Why kind of country do you want?

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Posted: Wednesday, August 29, 2012 8:37 am | Updated: 9:16 am, Tue Sep 11, 2012.

In reference to the guest commentary by Bob Beane in the Aug. 22 issue: What makes the opinion of the Second Amendment of a bicycle riding accountant worthy of consideration in a guest commentary? Is he an acquaintance of someone on the paper?

The bad guys south of the border have automatic rifles, machine guns, hand grenades, explosives, and perhaps chemical and biological weapons.The drug cartels have access to communist weapons in Guatemala, and weapons supplied by international weapons dealers, and Operation Fast and Furious. When those thugs come across the border, I want to defend myself and mine with the same types of weapons the bad guys have, and I don’t want to have to dial 911 and depend on some mercenary to come and save my family and me.

Mr. Beane wants access to firearms in this country dependent upon scrutiny and a background check. To whom would he give the authority to scrutinize me to determine my eligibility to possess a weapon? Mr. Beane seems to be as concerned about profits as President Obama. Well, business profits, including those of gun stores, pay the taxes which go part way to alleviate the financial crisis this country is in. Does Mr. Beane think profits should be scrutinized as well?

The ‘well regulated militia’ is not the National Guard. The militia is the people as a whole. The National Guard is the ‘select militia’ which the founding fathers distrusted as much as an army under federal authority. Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, George Mason, and Tench Coxe eloquently elaborated on this matter.

One important point in Susan Stamper Brown’s commentary was missed by Mr. Beane. Mass shootings most often occur in gun free zones where law abiding citizens are forbidden to defend themselves by imprudent and misguided gun laws.

Gun-based homicide rates are quoted by Mr. Beane to imply homicide rates by guns are less in Europe than in the U.S. From where did he get these statistics; was it from Handgun Control? What about the rates by knives, axes, hockey sticks, stones, automobiles, and lamp cords; how do these compare?

Is Mr. Beane aware that the felony rate, including murder, in Britain has skyrocketed after rifles, shotguns, and handguns have been completely banned by the government? Has he seen the videos of the recent riots in the United Kingdom and the impotency of the police and government to do anything about it? Is that the kind of country Mr. Beane wants for us?

Arthur C. Peterson


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