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Letter to the editor: May 27

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Posted: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 9:16 pm | Updated: 9:19 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

On May 5 the Tribune asked a question of its readers about illegal immigration. "Why so angry?" the illegal immigrant-sympathizing headline sniffed.

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Illegal immigration: Tribune answers own question

On May 5 the Tribune asked a question of its readers about illegal immigration. "Why so angry?" the illegal immigrant-sympathizing headline sniffed.

In his three-part special report, Mark Flatten (who I consider to be the only reporter working for the Tribune who is unbiased and honest when it is about illegal immigration) answers the question ("Blood and Money," May 16-18). We not only should be angry but outraged at what is happening to this country because of this ongoing invasion.

I believe the photo of the Mexican, who was caught after the shoot out on Interstate 10, sticking his tongue out, accurately portrays the attitude of Mexico toward the United States. They are going to come here and get what they want (and send much of it back to Mexico), whether we like it or not. Since this situation greatly benefits Mexico at our expense, the Mexican government has no incentive to halt it and, indeed, encourages it. Anyone living in this country legally who encourages illegal immigration is, in my opinion, a traitor.

The only way the awful conditions in Mexico that drive people to sneak into the U.S. are going to change is to force the Mexicans to stay in their own country and change the government, which is rotten to the core - even if it means revolution. It wouldn't be the first time for them and, given the nature of Latin American governments, it likely wouldn't be the last.

And, of course, Mesa Police Chief George Gascón basically says that the problem is so big that there is nothing that the police can do about it. Try telling that to Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Dan Dominey


Abortion: 'Life’ is more than birth

I salute those who believe everyone has a right to life. Life consists of birth to loving, caring parents with a body that works and receives appropriate medical care.

The parents are able to support the child without fear of hunger and know enough about parenting to train the child to manage herself/himself effectively within our culture.

The public education system teaches the child to read, write, think and develop skills sufficiently for the person to earn her/his own living.

And the opportunity to do that is available when the person is ready.

This requires a community willing to dedicate the taxes and resources necessary to provide the infrastructure of life for the developing child.

Anything less is simply the right to birth and misery.

I challenge those who support the right to life to truly provide an environment that enables life to happen.

Martha Freeman


Air quality: It’s the pollution, stupid

Sen. Jake Flake, R-Snowflake, and Rep. Jim Weiers, R-Phoenix, need to take a daytime drive to a location where they can view the downtown and look behind them at the Superstition Mountains and then state honestly that “This isn’t about the greenhouse effect , this isn’t about the environment” when referring to HB2017.

In doing so they will realize it’s about their collective procrastinating and ignorance. I find it incredible that they want to bicker about whose authority it is to change emission standards while the rest of us hear the air quality warnings, see the tan smog hanging over the metro area and read the news regarding air quality around the world.

Then others show their own emotional pollution by warning that California can’t control our lives and cars will be too expensive.

Well folks, if our legislature can’t deal with the issues then someone has to.

Paul Ingle

Mesa development: Compromise on height

The current development proposal for Parcel 51 in Las Sendas includes several quality features that will benefit the Desert Uplands area. We are pleased that the development will adhere to the approved plant list that is part of the Desert Uplands standards. However, we have two concerns — excessive building height (four or more stories) and potential lighting of the building façades and signage — both of which could adversely affect the views of city lights that are an important amenity for property owners east of the development.

While the Desert Uplands standards apply only to residential development, they include a 30-foot height limit to protect the views. Non-residential building heights are not restricted by the standards, but it makes little sense to limit residential building heights and then allow much taller buildings between the residences and the views.

Our organization would prefer building heights of only two stories, but we can support the recent council decision limiting the building heights to a maximum of four stories or 65 feet. We prefer the more recent proposal by the LS51 Committee, which suggests reducing the residential component from 40 percent to approximately 30 percent of the area to provide space for additional office buildings, with a maximum three stories that would maintain the original 1,200 jobs.

In 2001, Mesa added reduced street lighting to the Desert Uplands standards to protect nighttime views. The applicant recently stated that the project would adhere to a “dark skies” concept in order to preserve nighttime views. However, since portions of the project may be sold or developed by others, we ask that there be a stipulation that any building lighting or signs above approximately 20 feet from ground level must not be visible at night in the arc from the northeast to the southeast of the site.

William Puffer

President, Spook Hill Neighborhood Action association


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