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Election letters to the editor: Aug. 27

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Posted: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 8:55 pm | Updated: 10:31 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

As a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, it has been my opportunity to observe and work with Rep. Russell Pearce. During my service in the Legislature, I have never observed any language or conduct that even closely approximates the vicious attacks recently levied against him.

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Attacks on Pearce are untrue, vicious

As a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, it has been my opportunity to observe and work with Rep. Russell Pearce. During my service in the Legislature, I have never observed any language or conduct that even closely approximates the vicious attacks recently levied against him.

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These attacks are perhaps the low point in the continuing slide towards the politics of personal destruction. As an elected official and a voter, I wish to condemn the attacks in the strongest possible terms. The voters of Mesa, and of Arizona, deserve better.

State Rep. Kirk Adams


Gibbons catering to special interests

Republican Kevin Gibbons is making some accusations I found hard to believe, so in doing some research, I learned he certainly has no concept of what the truth is. I also found out that more than 80 percent of his funding is coming from special-interest groups outside of the district. The problem with special interest groups is that they predominately have a single issues concern that best serves their interests and not ours.

Hopefully, people will see through the lies and half-truths Gibbons is spreading about Russell Pearce’s marriage and vote for the person who can best serve the interests of District 18. Pearce is a proven leader who knows how the legislative process works and can do the best job representing our district. He also doesn’t manufacture lies as Kevin Gibbons has done. As a person related to Kevin through marriage, I expect better of him.

Reed Flake

Precinct Committeeman

District 18, MESA


McComish proven to be effective, helpful

Residents in District 20 have the opportunity to elect two members to the Arizona House of Representatives. For the first time in recent memory, District 20 is blessed with four quality candidates, each offering their own varied experiences that warrant consideration by voters. Of the four candidates, however, only one, current Rep. John McComish, R-Ahwatukee Foothills, stands as a proven and effective leader and public servant.

John has successfully served two terms in the Arizona House, rising to a position within leadership after only two years. Prior to his legislative service, John was a key figure in our region’s economic development efforts, bringing new employment opportunities for residents and enhancing the ability of existing businesses to flourish and prosper.

As a result of the overall downturn in the state and national economy, we need John’s combination of private and public sector experience to help Arizona through these difficult times.

Throughout the last four years, John has continuously demonstrated the commitment and fortitude necessary to do what is right for Arizona.

Voters in District 20 should expect nothing less of those elected to represent our interests at the state Legislature.

Melanie Zimmer



Babeu’s ideas needed

I decided not to seek another term in the Legislature at this time. Instead, I have chosen to direct my full attention and support to Paul Babeu. When Paul asked me to be his campaign chairman, I was extremely honored. I believe in Paul personally and professionally. I have seen his great work in securing our Arizona/Mexican border as a commander for more than 1,000 soldiers, his work as a police officer and law enforcement issues. The support Paul has earned from his soldiers, fellow police officers and friends is amazing.

I became friends with Paul since he was serving our nation in Iraq. He sees service as an opportunity to do good for others, where he can make life safer and better for our families. I personally know and have worked with Pinal County’s many great deputies and detention officers. I am confident that under Paul’s outstanding leadership abilities, the department will reach and maintain the highest standards.

Paul is a trained government manager with a master’s degree in public administration. He served as a local city councilman and four years as county commissioner in Massachusetts. Paul’s knowledge and experience in budgeting will help us secure more state and federal grants for equipment needs, without affecting our budget or taxes. We need his energy, experience and fresh ideas here in Pinal County.

Paul’s experience in government, as a police officer and army commander is sorely needed to bring the discipline, focus on training and the accountability that Pinal County needs.

Cheryl Chase

Former state representative



Russell serves with honor

The office of Maricopa County assessor, more than almost any other office, requires the occupant to uphold the trust of the voters. Keith Russell’s opponent was involved in a scandal during his previous term in office that violated this trust. How can anyone possibly think of returning him to office? Keith Russell is the first assessor since 1950 to serve in this office without some type of scandal. He has managed this roller-coaster real estate market with remarkable foresight and with a level of professionalism not seen in the assessor’s office for decades. In his opponent’s own words: “Keith Russell has made the trains run on time.” Keith Russell deserves the opportunity to continue his good work and he has my vote and thanks.




Orlando best for city

Chandler residents have the opportunity to re-elect a City Council member who firmly believes in the fundamental tenets of democracy and who sincerely believes in service to nation, state and city. That candidate is Councilman Matt Orlando.

Matt understands that the primary root of democracy is the collective voice and will of the people. It is the people’s collective agenda that drives the actions of this councilman. Matt wholeheartedly believes that his role as councilman has been foremost about service to this great city and its inhabitants versus self-achievement and self-interests. As a prominent National Guard officer, Matt always carried with him a genuine spirit of service. He is also renowned for his dedication to military veterans.

By re-electing Matt Orlando to the Chandler City Council, Chandler will be fostering good government. Chandler can be sure that its best interests are secure under his leadership.

David Church



Bedgood’s good for Gilbert

I have worked with Joe Bedgood over the past 18 months on Gilbert’s Veterans Day Committee. His role as committee chairman for the 2007 Gilbert Veterans Day Ceremony was instrumental in pulling off a successful event. He has continued to provide substantial help with the 2008 ceremony despite his busy schedule.

Bedgood’s involvement in numerous community groups and committees speaks volumes for the role he wants to play in the Arizona Senate. He clearly wants to represent the best interests of Gilbert residents and improve our education system.

Bedgood is not a political machine but a local businessman who understands the needs of our community and the small businesses within our community. As a small business owner, I am excited that Bedgood will be working to solve the real issues affecting us daily, including the skyrocketing cost to small businesses of providing health care.

Joe Bedgood has earned my recommendation for the state Senate with his community involvement and his commitment to work on the real issues facing District 22.

Steven Balthazor



Gibides has the needed experience

I am writing in support of Jim Gibides for Highland justice of the peace. I believe his experience and background make him the best candidate for the position. Having been appointed as a pro temp judge, he brings on the job experience with him. Jim has his master’s degree in public administration, and will be teaching justice administration at the University of Phoenix this fall.

Jim has worked in law enforcement with prosecutors and the courts for 30 years. For the past 10 years, Jim had worked with the Arizona Department of Public Safety when he retired to run for justice of the peace.

He volunteered with the Phoenix Downtown Partnership for 12 years, and volunteers as a driving instructor with AARP.

Jim has a proven track record for his good judgement, especially while under stress and in demanding situations as a police officer. Jim is known for fair and impartial treatment and common sense. Jim is very knowledgeable about the criminal, traffic and civil laws as well as the juvenile justice system.



Dodge’s fairness perfect for job

Recently I received my official sample ballot for the primary election on Sept. 2. On that ballot is an opportunity to vote for the right man for the job of justice of the peace for Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa.

In this election, voters will decide who will oversee their small claims as well as small civil trials and traffic and misdemeanor hearings for the Highland district. I have known Dan just a few years, but in that time, he has demonstrated himself to be a man of great honor and fairness. He is an active participant in his community in ways that make it a better place for everyone. His time is invaluable and his decisions, priceless.

I am proud to be his friend and his advocate in this election for our district.

I encourage everyone to vote in the upcoming primary and to vote for Dan Dodge for justice of the peace.

Stephen Maggs


Cox most qualified

My wife and I have lived in Gilbert for the past 25 years and are both native Arizonans. We have known the Cox family for the past seven years and highly recommend JC Cox to be the justice of the peace in the newly created Highland district. JC is a motivated public servant. In our neighborhood, a year or so ago, he helped organize a search party to try and find Jackie Hartman, a young lady who was murdered by a then recently released convict. That’s the type of man JC is.

He is graduating with honors from law school while supporting a family. JC is a common family man with a great wife and uncommon qualifications for this office. On Sept. 2, JC Cox deserves your vote and is by far the most qualified candidate for Highland district justice of the peace.

Gary and Joan Bradshaw


Scottsdale Election

Manross maintains quality

Having lived in Scottsdale from 1984-99, I found the city offered residents many benefits, first and foremost being an outstanding quality of life. Yet even then, a small but very vocal group frequently criticized the mayor and council of the time.

It must be true: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Although some may find the current changes unsettling, the city remains a jewel of the Southwest. Re-electing Mayor Mary Manross will keep Scottsdale a leader in business opportunities and the arts while maintaining its high-quality lifestyle.

Doug Banfelder


Privileged to know Lane

I have known Jim Lane for 10 years; as an employer, a business partner and now as a treasured friend. I have come to know him well over the years.

As his employee, I always had his respect and found it easy to give him mine in return. He is generous and forthcoming; certainly the best boss I’ve ever had. When I purchased Cyberspeedway from him in 2004, I took what he taught me about running a successful small business and have since started two more of my own.

I truly believe that working for Jim and learning from him gave me the tools to become a young, successful small business owner and proud mother. His patience and sincerity with his own children gave me an idea of what kind of parent I wanted to be, and I often think of things I’ve heard him say to his children when working with my own.

I have the utmost respect for him as a person, a father, an advisor and a friend. It is, unfortunately, a rare man today who thinks before he speaks, speaks from his heart, stands up for what he believes in and always stands by his word.

I believe Jim Lane is this man. I have repeatedly witnessed his uncompromising integrity and strength of character and always been proud to know him. I have never known a more honorable man.

I implore the voters of Scottsdale to bring integrity, respect, honor and principle back to the position and, on Sept. 2, vote for Jim Lane for mayor. I would if I lived in Scottsdale!



Lane’s support from wrong places

As a professional who has testified before Congress on the sex traffic in women and children and pornography, I am very disturbed to see that Jim Lane took a maximum political contribution from strip club owner Eric Borowsky. Are strip club owners now part of Lane’s inner circle?



Manross’s signs not removed

Gee, isn’t it absolutely uncanny the way that coincidences happen during political campaigns? Our big-spending mayor, Mary Manross, is being challenged for that office by City Councilman Jim Lane, whose campaign signs were placed by homeowners in their own front yards along Chaparral Road.

Surprise! After receiving “an anonymous inquiry” (I’ll bet), our highly efficient, crack city staff was not going to tolerate this blatantly egregious disregard of the law and immediately sent workers out to confiscate the five signs. I wonder how many of Manross’s signs were confiscated? Oh, that’s right. I forgot. The head of the code enforcement department told the Tribune the Lane incident was the only time during the entire campaign that the city had removed 2-foot by 2-foot signs from the front of a single family home.

The mayor’s not untypical response: “No, I don’t know anything about that at all.”

Jim Skelly



Let private company keep control, not city

Support your local water company! Customers and neighbors of Arizona-American Water Co. should support the company because:

• Scottsdale’s water rates are considerably higher than our current rates. The City Council has earmarked $10 million dollars to begin takeover of the company under the argument that they want to protect the quality of our water. That argument is bogus. The city has experienced the same problems as Arizona-American has. It does not make sense for the City Council to attack a private healthy business unless they are just after more power and revenue and publicity.

• Arizona-American’s new office building and related landscaping sets a standard for any residential construction in the area. It is tasteful, low profile and honors our natural desert and rural ambiance.

• Some of Arizona-American’s land is still vacant. One neighbor says he is worried that the company may expand its treatment facility to treat water that will be sold in Paradise Valley. This concern doesn’t make sense. The company has already demonstrated the quality of its structures. Just look at their new building. If the company is not permitted to use that land when needed, that land may be sold to be developed. Down zoning to one acre is unlikely. I believe Arizona-Americans’s use of the land would be a better neighbor than an unknown developer.

Lillian S. Leffmann


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