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The Vent: May 23

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Posted: Wednesday, May 23, 2012 11:34 am

“So the Republican governor of Arizona has decided that she is the arbiter of all things moral. Whatever happened to Republicans believing that government should have less and less impact on the lives of people? The governor proves everyday that she is the true Queen of Looney Land.”

“I read the oh-so wise and scientific musings of our state’s Oppressor-in-Chief, and I was struck with her last absurdity, ‘A woman knows from the first time she throws up she’s pregnant and having a baby.’ Really, Gov. Brewer? Gee, when my daughter started throwing up years ago, it turned out to be the first symptom of a massive brain tumor. But, of course, you know better. How about if we name it after you?”

“Children brought here illegally, who then grew up and were educated here can not legally work anywhere, not as nurses, engineers or at fast food places. If they do they are stealing a job from a U.S. citizen. Their parents are to blame for this problem.”

“Obama has only put together a bare-bones budget request this year. Neither Obama or the Democratic senators have developed a complete budget package for debate in the Senate since 2009. That’s leadership I can vote for.(?)”

“The U.S. Department of Justice should consider re-locating its headquarters from Washington to Phoenix. That way they’ll be right here where all the action is.”

“For those of you who paid $65 (or as much as $80, depending on when you ordered) for a Mesquite High School yearbook, have you actually read through it yet? I have, and I am appalled at the rampant typos, illiteracies, and general sloppiness throughout the book! It is an embarrassing testament to our graduating class and the quality of students moving on to college. The copy never should have made it to press without a thorough proofreading. Shame on all of you!”

“Bring back some Wall Street regulation. How many wake up calls does congress need from companys like JPMorgan. Greed can cause an otherwise honest person to be blinded by his own brilliance.”

“I’m glad to see Ken Bennett wasting taxpayers dollars on the birther scam and I am also pleased to see that Mary Rose Wilcox will get a million dollars of taxpayer money for her pain and suffering. Think how many jobs this will create changing our license plates from the Grand Canyon State to the State of Stupid.”

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