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Letter: Give it up birthers, the Supreme Court has already ruled

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Posted: Friday, April 6, 2012 1:17 pm

I must educate Mr. Reilly about the birth certificate of President Barack Obama, born in Hawaii. First off, the tea party group as a whole, has done nothing to make America a better nation. Instead they have spent their every waking hour trying to prove something even the Supreme Court doesn’t believe and that’s the lies spread by the so-called “birthers,” about President Obama and his birth location. The SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) has on at least four separate occasions declined to hear any of the non-sense about President Barack Obama. Now that to me is very telling. If the SCOTUS, which we all know is VERY conservative refuses to hear this challenge even with a member of the teaparty sitting on the bench (Clarence Thomas’ wife is a tea party member, so he must be,) then its time to stopping wasting the courts time and focus on the real challenges facing America.

As I listen to the GOP in this election cycle I am getting only two things from Willard Newton Santorum (all three are interchangable, hence the name.) In the case of Santorum: war with Iran and ruling America with Judea-Christian Sharia law (CNN article from Jan 5, 2012). America can’t afford a war with Iran, because China and Russia will come-a-knocking. America was NOT founded as a Christian nation. Just the opposite. Our founding fathers knew the problem of mixing religion and politics, just look back and see the reasons why America was founded. Not because of taxes. We were founded because the King of England wanted to rule with one religion over all his subjects far and wide. If the GOP were correct and America is truly a Christian nation, why isn’t there more than one reference to anything religiously related in our founding documents? The only thing is the word Creator in the Declaration of Independence. We owe great thanks to James Madison for making America a truly secular nation where you are free to choose or NOT choose a religion for yourself!

Willard and Newton both want war with Iran, but have no idea of the consequences of such actions. Americans think gas prices are high now, wait til the invasion of Iran, and expect $9-$12 per gallon gas thereafter.

Do we continue down the path of rebuilding America and making her a proud and healthy nation once again? Or do we change courses, elect the GOP in 2012 and prepare for war with Iran, China and Russia? Both China and Russia have stated in the past they will support Iran, mainly because of the oil they consume. Can America afford to tangle with Iran and then fend off China and a billion person army? That answer would be a resounding no. Iran is a sovereign nation and so is America. Why can we build nukes and even a new nuclear power plant and the world isn’t up in arms demanding an end to it. But we can rule the world and tell who can have or not have something?

America has a huge choice to make in November 2012. More of the same old GOP policies dating back to the 80s when the middle class started to be suffocated and taxes slashed and America started her down-slide. Or do we continue to move forward and rebuild this nation and take care of OUR own citizens first? One party wants to rule the world with force and war, while the other party thinks being strong in the world first starts with being strong at home. I choose the latter.

Jason Llewellyn, USN/Ret HM3


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