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The Vent: Dec. 28

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Posted: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 10:45 am

“Rather ironic to hear Pope Benedict XVI condemning the commercialism of Christmas wearing a ruby encrusted, 18-karat gold bullion thread embroidered mitered hat and surrounded by solid 18-karat gold crosses, three-inch candlesticks and a diamond-encrusted solid gold chalice that was so heavy that he could barely lift it up. Maybe we all need to “see through the superficial glitter” this Christmas and through out the year.”

“Rapists and child molesters love Sheriff Joe. Do you?”

“In D.J. Diebold’s (Dec. 21) letter, ‘Joe’s supporters lacking in education,’ he emphasized that any supporters of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio have a mean education that is truly lacking. Concerning illegal immigration laws, Republican Rep. Steve King backs Arpaio (along with most of the rest of the American people.) Arpaio’s decision to enforce the laws has earned him Liberal Democrats enemies, among them Mr. Diebold.”

“It is amazing that Liberals like D.J. Diebold of Scottsdale (Dec. 21, Letters To The Editor), think they are so much smarter than everyone else! How long Diebold, did it take you to write that small, three-paragraph letter? Five days? Does the truth hurt?”

“Look, I am all for LEGAL immigration, not ILLEGAL immigration. Let’s get that straight. But if Sheriff Joe was really about Arizona’s best interest, and not his own, why would he have to have a camera and microphone in front of his face before he did his job? Couldn’t he do it quietly, behind the scenes, and produce the same results? Now, who needs to wake up? He is all about the man in the mirror.”

“I am even more careful to always carry my weapon now that the HSA is jeopardizing my personal safety for political gain with these phony attacks on Arpaio. They are intentionally freeing the most dangerous criminal element of illegals to run loose in Maricopa county.”

“So the great Obama thinks he is the fourth-best President, what an ego. I got news for him, he is the last in the line of Presidents and he is also the last as far as greatness goes! He is the biggest failure we have ever had!”

“Ron Paul favors legalizing marijuana, prostitution, and cocaine. Even if he doesn’t win, it’ll be one heck of an election night party.”

“Now we have another major American religion feeling the need to go on the boob-tube and explain themselves. Are the envelopes not being dropped in the Collection Basket anymore? Is no one offering anymore during the Offeratory? So now we are in for copy-cat credibility commercials. Does this portend a double-dip Recession in 2012 and is that why we are seeing more and more Obama-supporters in the TV Commercials?”

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