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The Vent: Feb. 24

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Posted: Friday, February 24, 2012 10:47 am

“So, Ron Paul got only 9 percent in the Arizona polls? Apparently only 9 percent of Arizonans can read and understand the U.S. Constitution? Only 9 out of a hundred Arizonans have any knowledge of U.S. history or the operation of our government as intended by the Founding Fathers? Only 9 percent understand basic economics and the free-market system? Sad!”

“Socialism is when the ruling class convinces the lower class that stealing from the middle and upper class is just. This is accomplished by telling the lower class that the plunder is going to them, when it’s really going to the ruling class.”

“We don’t get oil from Iran, refineries are all running at capacity, there is no shortage of crude oil, yet gas prices are going up. Looks like Big Oil wants to put a Republican in the White House!”

“Most sentences in a Michael Monti campaign speech consist of a noun, a verb, and ‘my good friend Hugh Hallman.’ Maybe he’ll actually reveal a discernible platform before election day.”

“If Sheriff Paul Babeu still believes the right wing Republicans will elect him to Congress, he is truly delusional. To think, he was sexually abusing an illegal alien. There is justice in the world.”

“What is this I read? The public unions may lose some of their power? Is that a bad thing? What is a union, if it is not the servant of the employee? What is a public employee, if not a servant of the government? What is the government, if not a servant of the general public? Who should have authority and power, the servant or the master?”

“This issue of prenatal ultrasound testing needs to be dropped as soon as possible before the terminal security agency starts getting ideas.”

“The venter who has no knowledge of Obama’s attack on our civil rights should pull their fingers out of their ears and stop singing la la la la la la la. The most typical immature liberal response.”

“Oh, oh, another accidental Quran burning. We all know what that means. The last time Obama had to go to Saudi Arabia and bow in half and kiss the King’s ring. I hazard to guess what Obama will do this time. Let’s hope it happens after the younger children are not watching the TV. Or maybe Obama will pull a ‘Christie’ and order the American flag all across the world to be lowered to half-mast in apology. Sure beats having to do the other thing.”

“Why does our Republican-led legislature hate students and their parents so much? It’s not good enough for them to try to kill them off with guns on campus, or starve public schools of funding in the name of school choice, but now they want to take away any excess scholarship money they may earn through their own classroom excellence, so that they are forced to pay at least $2,000 each semester. Many students work hard in their studies, and then work hard at a part-time job just to make ends meet. To send the message to students that they may now be ‘mediocre,’ because they certainly will not be rewarded for their good work is sending the wrong message — that, upon graduation, maybe their mediocrity will land them a seat as an AZ Republican legislator, where they may perpetuate the proud tradition of stupidity. No ‘best and the brightest’ there.”

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