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Letters: Liberals should stop passing (and spending) the buck

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Posted: Thursday, August 11, 2011 8:30 am

Regarding the letter to the editor from Rod Livdahl ("Conservatives need to remove the blinders"): Since you can't find a liberal to explain why the Democratically controlled House and Senate failed to pass a budget last year prior to the mid-term elections, I would like to explain to the totally blind why they didn't. The liberal policies of the first two years of (as you pointed out) "The first black president" had been a total failure that increased our deficit at a rate never before seen in the history of our republic. Your courageous liberal buddies punted their responsibility to the new Congress which they knew would be loaded with new Republicans who were elected to try and change the catastrophic course liberals had put us on in just two long years. They had all the votes they needed and a more than willing president to sign any budget they sent to him. So why not get it done?

Your leaders (I use the term loosely) knew they couldn't make the tough decisions that would get things headed in the right direction, so as usual they decided to play politics and a crude game of chicken. Let the Republicans face the music and we will just sit back and refuse to act until the last minute and with the liberal press on our side we will make it look like the Republicans are the bad guys. You can't hide the truth forever because eventually it will uncover itself even when liberals try and bury it under all your self generated baloney.

Oh, and by way, presidents can't start wars without Congress; only Obama can get us in a conflict (Libya) without conferring with Congress. Liberals in Congress don't have a clue as to what it takes to run a business and create jobs. The Democratic leadership is made up of lawyers; the Republican leadership is made up of business people. Enough said! Stop passing the buck, and for once step up to plate and do what is right. Seventy percent of Americans want us to cut spending and get our house in order.

DC Porter, Chandler

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