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Letters: 'No thanks' to Obama, Beydler

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Posted: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 5:36 pm | Updated: 6:18 pm, Tue Oct 26, 2010.

I never thought Jon Beydler could look more like an idiot after his ballot measures column (Oct. 13). Looks like I’m wrong.

Beydler gave 15 reasons to “thank” President Obama (Oct. 20). Here’s three reasons not to thank him.

1. He’s increased the deficit by more than a trillion dollars. (It was at about $400 billion when President Bush left office.)

2. He passed an unconstitutional health care bill which forces Americans to buy health insurance.

3. He closed Gitmo, which set many dangerous and wanted terrorists free.

I could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point.

By the way, if anyone should be fired, it’s Beydler. He’s given us more racdrops (racoon droppings) than anyone I know.

Obama is destroying this country. It’s up to us, the voters, to fix the damage before it’s too late.

Spencer Anderson, Mesa

I read Jon Beydler’s op-ed piece (Oct. 20) and found it very amusing. It’s a classic howler. He lists a litany of President Obama’s accomplishments and gushingly thanks him for his (nearly) two years in office. This piece is taken verbatim from the Democrat’s official playbook from Jan. 20, 2008. It’s ALL Bush-Cheney’s fault! Our poor president is a helpless victim. Obama campaigned vigorously for this highest of offices. What, he didn’t know how bad things were during the campaign? If he would have known how bad things were, wouldn’t there have been different talking points? Or, is it that his vetting process was and remains broken. Our president is inexperienced, not a statesman, very naive and badly overmatched. But he is the best campaigner I’ve see since I’ve began following politics in 1956.

Most of Beydler’s points are simply disingenuous. It’s as though he thinks the public is asleep. We are not all hopeless Kool-aid sippers. Three quick examples are: (1) the one year time table for shutting down Guantanamo (it’s still open and there is no plan, at least known to the public, to close it), (2), that annoying “unemployment will peak at 8 percent” promise if we pass that stimulus package (it’s still bumping up against 10 percent nearly two years later), and (3), water boarding hasn’t been outlawed (it merely requires presidential approval but it’s still around).

Chief Justice Roberts fumbled the presidential oath and that was pretty pathetic (Was that Bush-Cheney’s fault too?). But how can Beydler single that out and forget every gaff made by a Democrat. Oh, let’s see: (1) how about “let’s not act stupidly”, (2) the knee-jerk firing of Shirley Sherrard, (3) that annoying 8 percent unemployment item I mention above, (4) the Van Jones debacle, (5) the sudden Tom Daschle exit, and the list goes on!

More importantly, Americans aren’t buying Beydler’s points. This will be made very clear on Nov. 2. I’m clearly guessing here, but I’d say Beydler moved from Fountain Hills to Neptune rather than south Chandler.

Roger Herd, Mesa

Thanks for printing Jon Beydler's commentary (Oct. 13) about how to vote on the propositions. After reading his ideas on Prop. 107 and Prop. 113, which I'm quite familiar with, it's easy to see he doesn't understand what has caused many of the problems we are currently facing today.

He doesn't understand how affirmative action and unions have ruined American competitiveness in the global marketplace. Affirmative action has lead to "quotas" for various groups, completely ignoring competence in the workplace. Unions have lead to paying more for many jobs than companies could afford to pay and remain in business. The most obvious example... General Motors. Knowing how this man thinks made it easy for me to conclude that voting directly opposite of his recommendations on the propositions I'm not as familiar with is a good choice.

Jim Galpin, Chandler

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