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Letter: Challenge declined

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Posted: Friday, December 23, 2011 7:15 am

In his Dec. 7 letter “To the Doubters: Where’s Your Proof?”, Spencer Anderson challenged any atheist to prove wrong his beliefs about god, evolution, and the Book of Mormon.

In a way, he’s right. It’s true we cannot prove that the angel Moroni didn’t give the gold plates to Joseph Smith, nor is it necessary to do so. Proof is not the burden of the doubter. The burden of proof lies with whomever is making an outrageous claim. Likewise, we cannot disprove the Big Bang Theory, the Genesis Theory, the God Hypothesis, or even the Flying Spaghetti Monster. There have been sightings all around the world “proving” His existence, and thousands claim to have been touched by his “noodly appendage”. As Carl Sagan said, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. 

Regarding evolution, you might find it interesting to know that well over ninety percent of scientists accept that hypothesis. It’s certainly not a foolish position to take, as Anderson claims. If you look up Project Steve, you’ll see there are more scientists named Steve who support evolution than any list of creationist scientists ever assembled. Over half of the Steve’s are biologists. But a list can’t “prove” anything. 

In my opinion, the only ones who need to prove anything are the religious fundamentalists who aim to legislate according to their beliefs, which thus impacts the lives of their unbelieving constituents.

Dave Michaels


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