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Letters to editor: April 23

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Posted: Friday, April 23, 2010 5:39 pm | Updated: 3:55 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

IMMIGRATION: Arizona laws don’t make sense

My husband retired last month and we had plans to tour your beautiful state but the actions of your legislature have caused us to cancel our plans.

IMMIGRATION: Arizona laws don’t make sense

Hey Arizona what’s going on? My husband retired last month and we had plans to tour your beautiful state but the actions of your legislature have caused us to cancel our plans.

First we hear you don’t accept President Obama as a natural born American and now you pass a law indicating we must bring our birth certificates with us on vacation??!! Nonsense. What? You say as white people we won’t be asked to prove we belong? Worse.

Maureen O’Brien O’Reilly, Seattle

Law simply protects residents

I find it extremely disquieting that when the Arizona legislators finally decide to pursue options such as SB 1070 as a tool to protect residents from murder, rape, car jacking, illegal drugs, home break-ins, ID theft, kidnappings and other violent crimes committed by illegals, that the news media worries that this bill will hurt tourism and business in Arizona.

This sort of flawed logic has to come directly from Washington as anyone who lives in Arizona with an ounce of common sense would quickly realize that the immigration bill is structured to give assurance to tourists and businesses that they can come to Arizona with no fear of losing their life.

The Feds have proven by their overt inaction that they will not help Arizona. Washington has simply turned a blind eye. SB 1070 is our only hope to confront and stop the spillover of escalating violence that is happening south of the border on a daily basis. This bill is not a blank check to allow racial profiling. Similar to most laws, those who are not breaking this law have nothing to worry about. Those who are had best make other arrangements. Our legislators and governor are charged with the protection of Arizona residents. SB 1070 represents a good beginning.

Dan Watson, Gilbert

GAY PRIDE: Stop perpetuating stereotype

I am a winter resident of Arizona, and a lesbian from Michigan. I attended the Phoenix Gay Pride Festival, an event that celebrates the many LGBT organizations that serve the Phoenix community.

Although I was not personally offended, I was NOT proud of the LGBTs who were clad only in their underwear or were wearing overtly sexually suggestive clothes.

In the crowd I noticed straights, some with young children. Perhaps they were there to support a family member, to learn more about my community or maybe just curious. Whatever the case, what they saw only continues to perpetuate the stereotype of gays as sexual deviants.

How proud are you now?

Pat Witek, Apache Junction

ENERGY REFORM: Reduce dependence on foreign oil

Since July 2008, members of the Pickens Plan army have been working to spread the word about the continuing dangers of our dependence on foreign oil. In August 2009 — even with oil at about half the price it was in 2008 — we still spent over $25 billion to import more than 60 percent of the oil we used in just one month. That is money which could have been supporting the American economy instead of the economies of places like Saudi Arabia, Angola and Venezuela.

Natural gas is an abundant resource which can replace a significant percentage of that imported oil. It is cleaner than either gasoline or diesel, it is cheaper than imported oil, and we have reserves projected to last more than 100 years.

There is a bill in Congress, the NAT GAS Act (H.R. 1835 and S. 1408), which will help jump start the natural gas vehicle industry in the United States. It has nearly 90 bipartisan co-sponsors in the House making the NAT GAS Act one of the few substantive bills in Congress with the support of both parties.

I urge our representatives in Washington to move the NAT GAS Act onto the House and Senate floor for a vote this Fall so it can quickly be signed into law by President Obama. Let’s reduce our dangerous dependence on foreign oil.

We support Earth Day by promoting cleaner American alternative fuels!

David Clement, Mesa

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