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Message from Dad: Put humanity first

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Posted: Saturday, June 20, 2009 3:05 pm | Updated: 1:35 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

Leo Crocker Rogers: Dear son: There is a saying that life looks a lot different on the way out than the way in. As a dad and at this stage in my life, I see things a lot differently than when I was much younger. Today, I am not physically able to wage the wars I once waged and I no longer wish to be clever.

Dear son,

There is a saying that life looks a lot different on the way out than the way in. As a dad and at this stage in my life, I see things a lot differently than when I was much younger. Today, I am not physically able to wage the wars I once waged and I no longer wish to be clever.

Yes, I wish to contribute as I once did. But installing lawn sprinklers, sealing business deals, running from one rim to the other of the Grand Canyon and being a technologist are less enticing now. As you know, I have been a technologist all my adult life, and too I have been a God-respecting man. Today, as I see the world, it needs more God-respecting time than technology time.

Am I still in the mix? I am. I have some five past patents and now six more pending.

But what has our technology brought us? As I walk out of life, am I asking this question too late? More to the point, are you, my son, walking into life mindful of this question? Son, can you and your generation glimpse what I am seeing now?

Dangers loom

With our vast technological resources, we are voraciously consuming the earth's natural resources, overheating the Earth, borrowing what we cannot repay, proliferating possible atomic war, and watching a major portion or the earth's population starving and dying of disease.

As countries, we are threatening each other more and more as our technologies become more and more refined, expansive, and omniscient. Mistakenly, I had thought that technology would bless, not denigrate, mankind. Technology bothers me on the way out, and I hope it is going to bother you on the way in. I can do some to improve this world, but you have more time to do much more.

I am asking myself, why is it that the cultures of the Earth are becoming more and more threatening instead of more understanding of one another? Perhaps there are some evident reasons.

Domestically, technology has given us instant communication from wherever to wherever else. And what is the result? Are we thus more understanding of one another, more on time, better communicators? I do not see that. Rather, I see adults and youth living in a virtual world of cell phone chat, texting, tweeting, and computer games along with FaceBook, and e-mails. This is perversion of our country's talent by the use of technology. You, my son, need, as do I, person-to-person skills more than electronic skills.

Internationally, technology has given us a view of the world from outer space and streaming video. And what do we see? Genocide, preventable disease-ridden populations, leaders talking to other leaders about invasions, bankers ripping apart our economic structure, treaties being broken, and technology caused ice shelves dropping into the sea with polar bears hanging on.

This Father's Day is a bell ringer for me, and I am trying to make it a bell ringer for you also. We need to make the world a better place. Here are four paths to make the world a better place. Some only apply to your new generation.

Restoring harmony

One path is to develop additional technology. Technology flows like water. It is easy, alluring, and personally rewarding. Results come quickly and are a joy to the inventor. The camaraderie is good, it pays well, and can bless many, or not.

A second path to bless the world is by raising a family that you educate, not the schools, not the federal or state government, not your neighbors, not paid help. This likely means that you stay home for a while, while your mate brings home the bacon or visa versa. This dual approach of working at child raising will bring a new and balanced progeny into the world.

A third path to bless the world is to foster the education of every person with whom we have contact - from our children to the grocery clerk to the financial advisor. Teach dogs to obey, children not to touch what is not theirs, those in power not to abuse their might. the laborer to give skilled effort, and those that have political responsibility that their stewardship is second only to their duty to God. Education of this nature is like the water of the ocean, it lifts all ships.

The fourth path to bless the world is to give of our time to neighbors, to groups that help the needy, to family members when it is wise, and to church. Saving the life of a stray dog is not the equivalent of designing new technology, but it is more important for as we save the least of all creatures, we are learning to save the souls of all.

I have much before me but nothing like that which is before you. Promoting industry and business is good. Slaying the dragons of corruption is also important. The most important, however, is an honest heart in all things, a tender touch to those in need, doing more for the next generation than our own. Humanity only progresses as each generation stands on the moral shoulders of the previous God-directed generation.

The world of economics clamors for "technology." The world of mankind begs for "help."

Happy Father's Day, son.

Mesa resident Leo Crocker Rogers is president of Polycrystalline Silicon Technology. Read more at

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