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Age has its advantages

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Posted: Sunday, January 6, 2008 9:01 pm | Updated: 11:24 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

It’s well known how I feel about Hillary. Wouldn’t ya’ know that a woman finally gets a shot at the White House and it turns out she’s a chameleon who’ll drag us further into Karl Marxist socialism.

But, there’s one element about the middle-age candidate which I defend: Her wrinkles. The fact that she’s not a sex symbol is an asset. Those paying attention understand the subject of a candidate’s physical attraction is a dangerous distraction from critical issues. However, while in this particular neighborhood, I can’t resist pointing out the obvious.

We talk about hate crimes. Have you ever thought of the bigotry against women age 50 and older? It’s utterly ignorant, and worse. Consider the waste. Humanity is sadly in need of refined and tested wisdom and I confidently say it can be found among women who have paved difficult roads with their sacrifices and finally given up their pleaser status.

From my perch, the questions which surfaced recently in regard to Hillary’s sagging jowls highlight just how far down the food chain some people remain. Perhaps I should say this more succinctly. It’s rooted in testosterone. It’s youth worship, driven by lust and greed (sex sells).

Greed? Wanna’ make a mint? Recycle the knowledge within the noggins of women who’ve raised a generation of kids and endured the immaturity of rascally husbands. There’s gold in them thar plump brain cells.

In “The Force of Character,” author James Hillman talks about the “sheer numbers” of baby boomers hitting the retirement years and moving society “from predatory capitalism and environmental exploitation,” into values which appeal to most ages: “Alleviation of suffering, nonviolence, justice, nurturing” and a healthy planet. He points out that decades in the pressure cooker of life creates a person’s true character. And there’s the priceless gift of aging.

Take 56-year-old, simply gorgeous Peggy Noonan. The Wall Street Journal contributing editor is guided by a finely tuned compass. In a recent column headlined “Things Are Tough All Over,” she held up Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as an example of the senior, feminine brain trust.

She took Hillary to task for suggesting that criticism against her was about “men bullying a defenseless lass.” But, Peggy, my dear, that’s just Hillary’s true character mined from years of playing dirty. On the other hand, what does it say that the entire media, in harmony, grabbed the topic of whether this youth worshipping society has the stomach for an aged female president?

Getting to the truth of the matter, women themselves must use their gender as a crown, not an anchor. They must compete without sniffles; strong and focused. I love Noonan’s line: “The point is the big ones, the real ones, the Thatchers and Indira Gandhis and Golda Meirs and Angela Merkels, never play the boo-hoo game. They are what they are, but they don’t use what they are.” Simply, they don’t use their womanhood as a ruse.

And so the point: In order to gain respect from society, women must prize their hard-fought years of life experience and value all that goes with it, with nary a glance back. Women cannot demand honor until they value themselves at any age. As long as they view their bodies as their worth, they remain in the swamp.

Yeah, OK, there’s a place for the primal drive and women need to cooperate or the species wouldn’t survive; however, those who break free from the trap of pleasing and move into their own are those who will catapult society to the next level — the one where the body does not define the woman.

Why care? Because, folks, we’re in tough times. Every segment of our lives is threatened. Either we dispense with shallowness, roll up our sleeves and get into the mix of problem solving or we’ll find ourselves pushing someone’s plow.

Only fools fear losing their cosmetic value when a world of real challenges cries for help. A nation which mocks seniors may as well put them under the veil, or as has been said, “Hide them in plain sight.” The catastrophic losses are the same to the spirit and stability of a nation.

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