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Readers speak out on the presidential election

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Posted: Monday, October 6, 2008 8:45 pm | Updated: 10:11 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

For the third time since being selected to run with John McCain, Sarah Palin has hit it out of the park. Her honesty and warmth were so obvious in the vice presidential debate that it was actually refreshing to watch.

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Palin steps up to plate

For the third time since being selected to run with John McCain, Sarah Palin has hit it out of the park. Her honesty and warmth were so obvious in the vice presidential debate that it was actually refreshing to watch.

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Time and again she put her opponent “on the ropes,” but never came across as mean or vindictive. She is a genuine American! Let’s elect more politicians like her, and throw out the bums that are in Washington now.

John Beatty


Don’t buy GOP promises anymore

Are you a student of history? If you are, then you will remember that eight years ago, a Texan named George W. Bush campaigned as a reform candidate. He promised to reach across the aisle to work with both Republicans and Democrats. He promised to restore honor and dignity to the White House.

Well, it is eight years later. Do you think that Bush and buddies like Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Karl Rove have brought honor to Washington? Has there been eight years of bipartisan effort to make sure that some of our most serious problems have been solved? I think that the approximately 46 million people without health insurance might conclude that this has not been accomplished. Are you satisfied with the condition of our economy? My relatives who have been laid off from their jobs are not very satisfied with the state of our economy.

Well, it is eight years later and another Republican candidate is now saying that this time it will be different. I don’t know what your conclusion is. Personally, I have often found that the sequel can be worse than the original.

And, as a student of history, I have learned that if we forget our recent history, we will be doomed to repeat it.

So, I am going to remember the lessons that we have learned during the last eight years and vote Democratic!



Don’t fall for the Obama show

Lori Martin (Letters, Oct. 1) must have obtained her information direct from Sen. Barack Obama, the Democratic National Committee or their liberal blog sites. Of course, President Bush is responsible for everything — the Democratic-controlled Congress has no responsibility at all!

Obama and Joe Biden would “kill” for the 80 percent approval rating Gov. Sarah Palin has received from her constituents. Does Martin insinuate that the Alaska voters may be a little bit mentally “challenged” in giving her this rating?

Common sense dictates that this excellent approval rating is far more accurate than the findings of dozens of “totally objective” DNC snoopers and pickers sent to Alaska to “investigate” Palin.

Palin certainly is not perfect, but I sure trust her more than a Harvard-trained slick tongue with a bunch of promises that he must know cannot be fulfilled. Obama is a very skillful orator, but he is not going to be elected “king” or “dictator” — just a regular president with normal powers granted under our Constitution if he is successful.

Erle R. Britton


We need real change now

As a mother and grandmother, I have been very worried during the past eight years as I watched our country’s economy spiral downward under an administration which has misled, ignored and lied to us. We desperately need change in Washington if we want our grandchildren to have a life which is at least equal to the life which we have been privileged to enjoy as American citizens. Although John McCain is now trying to convince the American people that he is a “change” candidate, he has consistently voted with the Bush administration during the past eight years.

As a resident of Arizona, I remember McCain’s support of his friend Charles Keating during the land scandal in which many retired people lost all or most of their pension funds. More recently, I listened in disbelief as McCain stated that our economy was strong as we watched friends lose jobs, homes and retirement savings.

The citizens of the United States need sweeping change, not more of the same. John McCain has been “more of the same” for many years, so I have to believe that his “changes” are just election year as usual tactics. I will be voting for Barack OBama and for real change!



McCain experienced

John McCain’s experience in the Senate, his experience with military, and his willingness to work with both parties to put country first make him the best candidate for president. Barack Obama is so aligned with the Democratic Party that he will have a difficult time approaching issues with a bipartisan view.



McCain’s experience not enough

Oh, right, John McCain… Barack Obama is the one who’s not ready to lead. Remember McCain’s last photo-op trip to Baghdad, when he was escorted by no less than a full company of Marines, but glibly told the TV cameras that the neighborhoods were “safe” to walk through?

Wasn’t that the same trip where he said it was “common knowledge” that (Shiite) Iran was training (Sunni) al-Qaida extremists — until he was corrected by his buddy Sen. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., and had to apologize?

And wasn’t it McCain who compared occupying that hostile, Muslim territory “for 100 years if necessary” to the voluntary, invited, and mutual defense of Japan, Korea, and NATO Europe during the Cold War? Complete with never-ending no-choice repeat tours for the already stressed, under-equipped, and over-extended troops — and cuts to their veteran benefits. Remember all of those times McCain either voted against military benefits and armament enhancement, or simply refused to vote at all?

And yes, it’s McCain who has supported and voted for almost every one of President Bush’s foreign and domestic screw-ups for years (until the start of this campaign, of course). Yet these days, McCain’s constantly claiming that he’s “different” from Bush and all his corrupt cronies.

McCain economic “solutions” all seem to involve non-mandatory “encouragements to the private sector.” In real words, the exact same tax breaks for the wealthy, and corporate-welfare policies, that McCain and his rich Republican pals have been “trickling down” on us for decades. And the evidence of just how well that works is all around us.



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