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Letters to the editor: December 16

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Posted: Saturday, December 15, 2007 11:55 pm | Updated: 6:34 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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Cactus towing — Udall a man of integrity

I was very disappointed in your series of articles headlined “Tow hold,” which (among other things) amounted to an attempted character assassination of various individuals you connected with Cactus Towing. I do not know any of the individuals named in the articles except David Udall, who is a neighbor of mine.

From my personal interaction with him, I consider Udall a man of great integrity and my experience informs me that the main reason for his influence with the Mesa City Council would be due to his high intelligence, sound judgment and many years of public service. In short, people who know Udall respect him and respect his opinions, and your attempt to denigrate him (and others) through rumor and innuendo was bush league.

Lance Johnson


Immigration — Rules changed for everyone

I really don’t comprehend what the problem is. After 9/11 we all go through a strict and routine inspection of shoes, bags, liquids, gels at the airports. While leaving and entering back into a ship during a cruise we have to show our IDs twice while returning into the ship (and our “faces” are in their computer). Does this mean that we are qualified as terrorists because we are searched? However, Elias Bermudez, Steve Gallardo, et al, insist on finding the request from an officer, “Can I have your driver license, sir/ma’am,” is an insult to the illegal immigrants (we all have to show our ID if there is an infraction on the roads).

How difficult it is to understand that the police are not picking on only the Hispanic-looking drivers? Furthermore, if I would drive inside Mexico and I am stopped for infractions or accidents, I would have to comply to all their rules “plus more” (I went through it and I was just about to be put in jail even though I was a tourist bringing dollars).

In Phoenix we are talking about illegals who take our dollars and send them to Mexico instead of keeping them in the U.S., add up our expenses as a nation (medical, schools, crimes, jails, etc.) and we are expected to treat them with kid gloves. When are men like Bermudez and Gallardo going to protect their current country, or are they simply interested in the financial aspect but their hearts are still in Mexico, or is it purely profitable for them to keep them here because themselves employ them and save money?

Dora Sommer


Presidential race — McCain shows ignorance

During the Republican Presidential debate on Nov. 28, Sen. John McCain stated to Ron Paul: “I want to tell you that, that kind of isolationism, sir, is what caused World War II.”

Could a U.S. senator and presidential candidate be more ignorant of history than McCain? Or is McCain merely trying to impress the public and media who he hopes are also ignorant of the history of World War II? Or does the senator not understand the difference between isolationism and non-interventionism?

Robert F. Boland


McCain abdicated responsibility

In response to Rep. Andy Tobin (Letters, Dec. 2):

I would urge him to read the U.S. Constitution, Section 8, “Powers of Congress” regarding declarations of war. John McCain and nearly the entire U.S. Congress abdicated their duty and illegally gave President Bush their (Congress’) war-making power. This is not the first time this has been done but that does not make it constitutionally/legally correct. It is my understanding only five or six brave souls had the guts to vote against giving such power to this president. Ron Paul was one of those few.

When such separation of powers is negated, we no longer have the protection of the three separate bodies of government: executive, judicial and legislative. We then no longer have protection from tyranny or from dictatorship, resulting in the quagmire we find ourselves in today not only in Iraq but between the executive and the legislative branches of this republic.

Identifying McCain as “one of the finest fiscal conservatives in the country fighting 'pork barrel’ spending and misuse of tax dollars” is a contradiction in terms. Military spending is and always has been the biggest waste of tax dollars, while taking a tremendous toll of the lives and limbs of countless human beings, both young and old, both soldier and civilian, while spending our country into bankruptcy!

I thank Tobin so much for his letter to the editor — and urge him to read the U.S. Constitution.

Irene Leitch


ACLU — Not America’s law firm

This is in reply to the state ACLU director’s recent letter to the editior (Nov. 24).

They call themselves “Liberty’s Law Firm“ while they wage war against the Boy Scouts of America, They aid illegal immigrants and they scheme to remove any mention of God in public. They promote special rights for murders and rapists. As Michael Reagan reports, they’re working to strip the words “in God We Trust” from all U.S. currency.

They don’t have the approval of the majority of Americans.

Mary T. McKenna


Harry Mitchell — Better ways to help military

So Rep. Harry Mitchell is trying to get another ship named the USS Arizona to honor our vets. It sounds good, but our military would be better served if he would support our active troops today in Iraq and Afghanistan, by supporting the request for full funding of the war that they wage on our behalf. That would include eliminating his support for surrender through mandatory withdrawal dates, and the non-defense pork added to the bill by congressional Democrats.

While he’s at it, Mitchell could help assure the continuation of our robust economy and avoid a significant tax increase by pushing the members of his party to fix the alternative minimum tax, and make the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts permanent.

Finally, he could demonstrate his support of our nation’s war on terrorism by supporting the renewal of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act .

Somehow, at this time in our history, this seems much more important than naming a ship, and much more constructive than empty rhetoric.

Lynn Betka


Christmas — Tasteful retelling

Recently, my family and I watched in disbelief as the Radio City Christmas Spectacular concluded their show with a stunning retelling of the real meaning of Christmas!

The biblical, historically accurate story of that first Christmas more than 2,000 years ago was depicted in such a tasteful way! It was so very moving, and I for one say hats off to Jay Marciano, president of MSG Entertainment, and his company for having the courage to include in their outstanding Christmas show the story of the birth of Christ.

It made my day! Merry Christmas!

Nancy Olivas


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