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Letters to the editor: January 10

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Posted: Thursday, January 10, 2008 5:11 pm | Updated: 9:41 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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Roots of Hillary’s comeback

We are not there yet. After Sen. Barack Obama’s decisive victory in the Iowa caucuses last week, Dick Morris, former political consultant to Trent Lott and Bill Clinton, wrote, “race is no longer a factor in American politics.” Would that it were true.

What is the difference between Iowa and New Hampshire, both of which had pre-election polls forecasting large-margin victories for the African-American candidate? Answer: Secret ballots.

The Obama camp just learned a very painful lesson. Not painful just to him, but to all of America. He could have learned it from Doug Wilder of Virginia, David Dinkins of New York or Harvey Gantt of North Carolina. Some Democratic voters lie to pollsters when there is an African-American on the ballot.

Obama’s appeal to American voters is not some fluke. He has tapped into something very real. His campaign is not a personality cult of supporters drawn by his good looks and charisma. He has all of that, but there is something much, much more. He has great appeal among many Americans, especially young voters — Democrats, independents and even Republicans — who are willing to look past his liberal voting record because they long for an America that discards her racial baggage.

Obama may not have won the New Hampshire primary, but he came within two points of the establishment’s candidate in a very “white” New Hampshire. He cleaned up the floor with Clinton in 96 percent “white” Iowa. He shows us America’s future. Every American knows that is where our destiny lies. In 2008, some Democratic voters are willing to lie to political pollsters about their reluctance to go there.




More coal plants needed

Chemical engineers are better qualified to handle climate change politicians than politicians. However, market forces appear eager to play an important role also. For example, the electric automobile will soon be a common sight. In addition there are several utility companies who are eager to build nonpolluting coal-fired power plants. They are eager to do so because the U.S. is the Saudi Arabia of coal. Carbon dioxide may be a valuable byproduct.

There are five reasons for the global warming being experienced and none of the reasons are because of the greenhouse gas effect. The causes of global warming include loss of cloud cover and a sulfur dioxide-rich air layer; condensation of power plants’ exhaust steam; use of nuclear and gas-fired plants; use of hydrocarbons; and convective heating.

Reasons one and two are simple engineering problems, but the solution will be somewhat expensive. To understand reason No. 3, it must be understood that three times as much cooling water is required to condense the exhaust steam generated by nuclear and gas-fired power plants. Incidentally, the latent heat of the exhaust steam is directly stored in the oceans. There is already so much energy stored in the oceans that it will be almost impossible to restore our climate to that of the 1950s and '60s.

The gas-fired power plants must be modified to use full oil immediately. There are two reasonable methods for converting natural gas to liquid products. More research is needed to convert carbon dioxide and natural gas to higher quality liquid products. Theoretically there are a couple methods for restoring the ozone concentration of the ’50s and ’60s, but it may be a simple matter to partially restore our climate to a tolerable status. Actually, a warmer climate has some virtues.




Targosz tragedy crosses border

I would like to convey my sincere condolences to the family of police officer Robert Targosz, who was killed by one of my fellow Canadians. I was, again, sad and seething to see the penalty for killing someone while driving drunk was so lenient. Perhaps these convicted killers should be sent to alcohol-related accidents to help clean up the destruction caused by their fellow drunk drivers. Let them extricate the bodies. Maybe, when they repeatedly see the lifetime of pain they cause, will they begin to get the message that this preventable crime must stop.

In my country, a nine-year sentence is rarely fully served and the thought of a drunk driver walking freely about, enjoying his life, while a loved one lies in a grave is barely tolerable. I ask our governments to make the consequences of drunk driving scary enough to make people stop and think; even if only a few catch on, that’s a few fewer families who will be burying their loved ones. Let’s give our love affair with our autos some perspective.



Waring bill responsible step

I disagree with the editorial writer’s reasoning (Instant supsension of DUI suspect licenses crosses line, Monday.” The writer has failed to adequately take into account the terrible toll in human lives and injuries that crashes, caused by DUI drivers, inflict on the citizens of Arizona. The intent of Sen. Jim Waring’s bill is to allow the police to immediately take off the road those offenders who have, through the irresponsible and criminal dangerous act of driving while under the influence, caused serious injury or death to another individual. Our laws do the same thing by arrest and detention for an individual suspected of committing homicide, or aggravated assault resulting in injury.

Imagine the public outcry if an individual who had just committed armed robbery and shot someone and the arresting officer released the suspect on a promise to appear in court, and did not detain the individual and allow a judge to decide what restrictions should be placed on this individuals’ liberty in the interests of public safety. Yet the Tribune believes we should allow an individual who has killed or gravely injured another human being by driving under the influence to continue to drive and to threaten the safety of the public on the road. Furthermore, a suspended driver who disagrees with an officers’ action in suspending his license at the time of a crash can appeal the decision to the court for review.

Would the citizens of Arizona rather have a situation such as just occurred in California, where an individual was charged with DUI three times in 11 days, and two of those times his BAC was measured as higher than .20, and did not have his license suspended on the spot?




Politically active should pay taxes

With the looming $1.2 billion deficit and possible $2 billion shortfall next year, the ramifications of that happening can lead to the governor, the state Legislature and all government employees having their wages and salaries reduced by half and also losing all benefits. A way must be found to generate revenue into the Arizona treasury.

One way would be that all winter visitors involved in the legislation process (passing laws or making motions), whether it be in the state government, city government or homeowner associations, must get an Arizona driver’s license, automobile license plate, automobile insurance and pay Arizona state income tax. The expertise, knowledge and leadership can be taken back to wherever they came from and lead the residents of those states to greatness, they will be highly prized, praised for their expertise, knowledge and intelligence.




No wonder

Regarding Britney Spears: it’s easy to predict K-Fed and not-a-judge Commissioner Scott Gordon would drive any loving mother insane. I wish some good soul would take this good-hearted mom under his or her guiding wing.



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