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Letter: Don’t fall into reactionary trap

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Posted: Tuesday, February 14, 2012 10:43 am

I agree with the title of the letter from Dale Whiting: It isn't really a question of choice regarding President Obama's fiat to penalize religious institutions.

To me, the real issue is political maneuvering, and this matter of forcing religious institutions to support actions that their beliefs do not condone, while not a feint, is a means to an end.

Why would a national leader propose a change this fundamental and then a week later seem to backtrack from his policy? You know that it makes him look weak in the eyes of his opponents (not enemies, but opponents). You know that his adherents will suggest that he is only being reasonable when he retreats from the original declaration.

So what is his strategy? It appears to me that he wants those who don't agree with his vision to react, immediately and without plan, against that which is a real threat to their standards and morals. This makes those who hold conservative views appear to be no more than wild animals, caught in traps. Such animals are so reactionary that they will turn on those (the liberals with a great, new vision) "who are only trying to help them get free".

How do you deal with such a game-player? Study his past actions, and keep in mind that his goal is not the same as yours, even when you are on the same playing field. Remember that you will not be successful playing by his rules, because when you adapt to his current strategy, he will change the rules to suit his aims. But above all, plan, be adaptable to acheive your goal, and utilize all your resources to win your game.

Remember that President Obama has a strong position, and also has strong support among those that believe his talk. His campaign for re-election will not be easily defeated.

Patrick Shepherd


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