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Letters to the editor: February 3

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Posted: Sunday, February 3, 2008 12:08 am | Updated: 9:26 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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Mayor backing McCain

A few years ago a friend of my said “I like you, mayor, but I don’t agree with all your decisions.” After I thought about it, I said, “Looking back, I don’t agree with all my decisions either.”

I think if we are honest with ourselves we would all say we have made some decisions we would make differently now. I mention this because I have heard a number of my fellow Republicans say, “I like John McCain, but I don’t agree with all his decisions.” I think it is impossible to vote for anyone you agree with on everything. If it were possible there is no guarantee you would continue to agree with all their votes after they get elected.

When I vote for a candidate, I vote for who they are as a person. Issues come and go but traits like character, integrity, judgment and courage are constant and relevant no matter what the issue. No one knows how a candidate will vote once he gets elected, but if he has been around as long as John McCain, we know who he is. We know McCain will vote conservative on most issues. We know he is respected by both Republicans and Democrats.

Most importantly, we know he is an honest man who loves his country, believes in strong national defense and has shown tremendous courage under conditions few of us can even imagine.

I am voting for Sen. John McCain in the Republican presidential primary Tuesday. I hope you will too.



Obama also protects choice

The letter from Joel Dina O’Connell (Jan. 25) was just another in the continuing attempts by Sen. Hillary Clinton and her supporters to mislead the public about Sen. Barack Obama’s record. Here is the truth about Obama’s record on fighting for women’s reproductive rights.

According to Tracy Fischman, former vice president of public policy for Planned Parenthood in Chicago, Obama’s present votes on abortion-related bills “were part of a broader pro-choice strategy designed to ultimately defeat bad and dangerous legislation that would have compromised the health and safety of Illinois women. He is a man who should be honored, not condemned, for his consistent and unwavering support for reproductive freedom, women’s health, gender equity and — more broadly — social justice.”

Lorna Brett Howard, the former president of Chicago NOW and a former Clinton supporter who is appalled at the lies the Clinton campaign has been perpetuating, has now decided to vote for Obama. She has released a video in which she states, “Senator Obama is 100 percent pro-choice. He is the only pro-choice senator who was a critical advocate in the fight to preserve choice in South Dakota. All the senators were asked … he was the only one that responded.”

I hope every voter will decide carefully before they vote to continue the Bush/Clinton dynasty in the White House.



We can count on Romney

We need a president who is truly a conservative. I am supporting Mitt Romney, who has proven his ability to fix a deficit budget, and we certainly have one of those. We need someone who can control our out-of-control spending. As governor of Massachusetts, Romney turned a $3 billion budget deficit into a surplus and never raised taxes. While most politicians will acknowledge great concern of our country’s deficit, the answer is too often that there is someone else to blame. Romney has proven his ability to control spending, cap budgets and keep taxes to a minimum. We need Romney as president to help our country overcome our budget crisis.



Remember McCain’s record

Before you vote, remember:

John McCain, along with Ted Kennedy, drew up the now infamous “illegal amnesty bill.”

McCain with another well-known liberal drew up the McCain-Feingold bill, which has affected our free speech rights.

McCain wants to close Guantanamo and give jury trials to the terrorists.

McCain is against the marriage amendment.

McCain voted against the Bush tax cuts twice (but now says he wants tax cuts).

McCain voted to de-fund the border fence.

McCain, along with a whole list of well-known liberals, voted to give Social Security benefits to illegal immigrants.

Mitt Romney opposes these. Two Catholic votes for Romney!



Inexperience can be deadly

Eight years ago the nation found itself with a commander in chief who was a political neophyte on both the national and international stage. The end result of this dreadful mistake is trillions of dollars of debt, a legacy that many generations will have to deal with, but worse still, the thousands of young men and women either dead before their time or maimed for the rest of their lives, either physically or mentally.

One would hope the people of this nation will not repeat such a mistake, recognizing the value of experience is by far the most important quality a candidate can offer the electorate. Much is required of a leader, and it would appear two candidates have what it takes to perform on both stages: Sens. John McCain and Hillary Clinton.

I am neither a Republican, Democrat or independent, I am an outsider watching from the sidelines whose grandson was a Marine and now rests in a grave at the young age of 25.

George Bush had neither the knowledge or experience for such a high and important office. I hope the people of this fine country will remember what inexperience has cost.



Why not experience and hope?

I used to be a consummate Sam Coppersmith fan. That is, until he endorsed Obama for president in his Jan. 13 opinion column. He claims that he’s motivated to do this because of his “deep desire that this election be about new arguments, not the old ones.”

Since when has Sam been afraid of a good old-fashioned political fight for what’s right — sounds more like a cowardly lion than a Coppersmith. “If Hillary wins,” he says, “we’ll have the last Boomer campaign, one last fight over our split over Vietnam.”

My son is the baby-boomer. I’ll let his generation fight over the past. It’s the future that worries me — the dozens of potential new Vietnams that we need to avoid. Obviously, this is probably the most important election in which any of us will ever participate. Why would an old Democratic warrior like Coppersmith advise us to bypass an experienced candidate in favor of “new arguments”? If it’s zings from the ’wingers he’s afraid of, they’re going to continue coming no matter whether Clinton or Obama wins the candidacy. I’ll cast my vote for time-tested music with words that can be understood and a battle-tested candidate like

Hillary Clinton, who’ll deal with a crisis armed with a lot more than a new-fangled hope and a prayer.

Actually, a Clinton-Obama (Experience-Hope) ticket sounds great to me! As president, she’ll immediately be ready for whatever wicked this way comes and as veep and president of the Senate, Barack will be able to impress new ideas and ideals on the Congress, while at the same time gaining the experience necessary for him to take the reins when his turn comes.



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