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Letters to the editor: June 3

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Posted: Tuesday, June 3, 2008 9:58 pm | Updated: 9:18 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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Undermining everything

I don’t understand how the polls can say the American people will be voting more Republicans out of Congress.

Since the Democrats took over two years ago, gas prices have gone through the roof and are still climbing (and the Democrats are personally responsible for stopping us from drilling for our own oil, and building more refineries and nuclear plants), food prices are soaring (and the Democrats give huge subsidies to farmers already making record profits, in addition to bloating the budget with earmarks).

They have done nothing but continue to have useless, meaningless investigations to try to make the president look bad. Where were they when Bill Clinton was in office?

They have continually undermined our troops and the president at every turn, just for the sake of returning to power, and with the help of the mainstream media.

The Democrats are spending us further into debt, have not delivered the ethical Congress that was promised, nor have they delivered on a more bipartisan type of governing. The Democrats such as Hubert Humphrey, Scoop Jackson and John Kennedy must be spinning in their graves at what has become of the party.

The so-called leaders are nothing more than incompetent clowns. America deserves better than this.

Joe Canecchia



Grab that gun-grabber!

Is there any possibility that our state legislators can find adequate support to override the vetoes of these gun owners’ bills (“Napolitano vetoes weapons, HOA bills,” May 17) by our illustrious and unqualified governor?

It remains obvious Janet Napolitano continues to tow the far-left, liberal/socialist/communist line of maintaining a well-armed government so as to be able to enforce its will on an unarmed citizenry as much as possible.

Perish the thought that a couple of bills enabling easier means of self-defense by law-abiding citizens should ever be approved under this dear lady’s regime.

Karl Marx would be proud of her and many (if not most) of the current crop of Democrats who apparently have not had the benefit of a satisfactory grounding of the history of the United States of America. Apparently kissing up to the party leadership is much more important.

Emerson Eiler


Illegal immigration

The next wave?

Richard Young (Letters, May 20) wants Mesa Police Chief George Gascón to move to California, but it’s Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is badly needed there. Our grandson works selling and installing burglar alarms; he works with illegals from Canada.

Sure enough, a bunch of leaders who sit around doing nothing are saying illegal immigration is OK.

I believe we should leave immigration to the federal government, they know all about the laws; if they decide to have local law enforcement put in place, they will.

Donna Baca White Burt


Students should learn from history

Your front-page story, “College students flunk U.S. history quiz” (May 26) interested me because I have had experience with the problem discussed. I had an outstanding history teacher in high school who covered the philosophical grounding of the United States and the ideas that were the causes of our conflicts. As a result, I scored in the 98th percentile on my U.S. history college entrance exams.

However, when I took college U.S. history, I found it extremely boring. The memorizing of wars, dates and battles (such as the war-related questions in this story) was deadening.

I feel confident it would interest students if they were asked to study all the occurrences and thinking in the country leading up to violence and war, and then be asked to consider how violence might have been avoided. It would be learning to catch their interest, because it is a way to think and analyze that might be applied to current situations.

Marge Thornton



Choppy waters ahead?

I predict that by the end of the year the Waveyard organization will quietly announce that due to the economic times and unforeseen engineering difficulties Waveyard, as conceived, will not be built at this time. Indications of this are already being mentioned.

I predict that Waveyard will forfeit the financial incentive that Mesa’s voters passed.

I predict that opinion will show that most voters believe that the Waveyard organization will have to return the property to the city due to the failure to build the advertised facility within the timeline.

I predict that it will be shown that the contract does not require the Waveyard organization to return the property to the city (and I hope I am proven incorrect so the land can be resold at a reasonable market price if the city wishes to).

I predict that:the Waveyard organization will propose building upscale condos, apartments, hotels, some shopping or other high-return, low overhead facilities, probably with some water feature and the city will approve it because the Waveyard organization and our new government are very closely intertwined.

Paul Ingle


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