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Letter: News media and the Obama double standard

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Posted: Friday, March 23, 2012 12:01 pm

Very strange how the media screamed about the amount of time it took President Bush to send FEMA and government workers and government aid to the individuals who lost their homes, etc. when the hurricane hit New Orleans. Why have we not heard a peep from the media in the past few years while the tornadoes devastated the middle of our country. Why is it that the media showed, and told, of the devastation caused to the hundreds of homes and the individuals living in the states who lost everything they owned to mother nature, but never questioned why the Obama government was not on the scene the very next day, and why the Obama government did not supply homes for those who lost their home and all their belongings in the horrific weather in the past three years?

Could it be it is true that the media is in bed with the most corrupt government this country has ever seen. I would like to think not, but if look at the way the media has reported events, such as how our government has not been able to produce a budget since Obama took office. even though the law says it must. The fact that our government has spent more money in three years since Obama took office than any other time in the history of our nation. The fact that Obama had control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, which were under Democrat control for his first two years in office, and spent like they were drunken sailors on leave, and bailed out all his friends with trillions of our dollars.

It is, in my opinion, true that the majority of news media personalities are definitely not only in bed with Obama but are ignorant enough to think they know what is best for our country and will do all in their power to make certain it happens. You can bet your life that after the changes the media is in favor of now take place, you will be hearing, seeing and reading a different story from from those individuals who are now putting Obama on a pedestal. Watch them change their stripes before your very eyes.

Anthony Milone

Apache Junction, AZ.

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