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Letter: Defining something not so simple

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Posted: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 3:02 pm

So, I learned through the Vent that someone’s dictionary correlates intolerance with a “right-wing” Republican political view. As “right-wing” is a vague description, how does the dictionary define that term? While focused on this idea, I thought I would look for descriptions of intolerance. I found plenty on the same page of the newspaper, but they don’t seem to agree with that “dictionary” definition. For example:

“Republicans are worse than the Taliban” (Taliban is an Afghan political group that destroyed historic national monuments, imprisoned teachers, political leaders, women, and anyone who does not view the world according to their fifth-century perspectives). Where is the evidence of this comparison? Do you not, as a non-Republican, still have freedom of expression? Can you no longer wear a swim suit that leaves little to the imagination? The Taliban would not allow such.

“. . . why these types (Sheriff Arpaio and ex-Senator Pearce) are called fat cats. Let’s not allow Pearce to get any fatter. Anyone who accepts gifts like he did is no good!” So being fat is bad, and being fat is paramount to being influenced? Is either one of those attributes confined to Republicans? Since when is being influenced either illegal or unethical? Do you hold your own representatives to the same standard?

“I am one of those Democratic female venters, . . . I think you need to see the Wizard of Oz for counseling.” Since I don’t agree with your Democratic point of view, I should retreat to a fantasy land, and consult with a known deceiver?

“After finding out that every drop of oil the Keystone Pipeline carries could go to China I have decided to drop out of the Republican Party.” Was it not the democratic president, Barack Hussein Obama, who shut down negotiations with Canada for developing the Keystone pipeline? Did you ever truly have “right-wing” or conservative ideals?

Republicans, the party of Abraham Lincoln, are part of a law-abiding organization, and do not deserve the slander of being compared to Nazis, Communists, terrorists, or any other example of depravity or oppression. The same goes for Democrats, independents, Green Party, Libertarians, etc.

We can agree to disagree. We have the right to persuade others to our beliefs. But use reason and passion to do so, rather than name-calling and violence. Was it not President Obama who declared that we must have a more tolerant dialogue?

Patrick Shepherd


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