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Hillary’s pity party is nothing to celebrate

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Posted: Saturday, March 8, 2008 11:11 pm | Updated: 10:46 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

In light of Super Tuesday II, I wonder if Hillary Clinton will keep whining. It’s so unbecoming a presidential candidate, but appears to be her strategy, though a dirty one.

“I always get the first questions” in debates, she recently carped. If living in the White House is the toughest job in the world, the winner better be above such nonsense. That’s winner, not whiner.

Her campaign is the perfect litmus test for what Hillary will really do when the “phone rings at three in the morning:” It’s possible she’ll cry about how poorly the bad guys are treating the feminine leader of the free world.

Recently, Hillary spoke with Cynthia McFadden of ABC News. “Every so often I just wish that it were a little more of an even playing field,” she wistfully said. When asked why some women feel sorry for her, she answered: “They project their feelings and lives onto me, and they see how hard this is.”

Ron Fournier, with The Associated Press, learned from anonymous “Clinton advisors” in November that a “long-planned strategy” is to accuse male rivals of playing dirty against her — setting her up as a “sympathetic figure.” In doing so, she changes the subject. She trusts that female voters will fall for the scam since they, too, feel themselves to be victims.

What about men’s hard lives? Everyday men die a little more as they fight to compete in a tough, brutally unfair world. Do they empathize with Barack Obama and John Edwards, who are also scrapping their way along the campaign trail surrounded by aides and go-boys and girls? It’s embarrassing that a female candidate would use whining as a tactic.

If Hillary’s candidacy is a culmination of the feminist movement, her gender should not be an issue. Isn’t that their message? Why use it as a handicap? Answer: It comes from her feminist training, which still contends, after great strides by trailblazing sisters, that women remain “victims.”

One former feminist, author Myrna Blyth, clarifies their message in her best seller “Spin Sisters:” Feminists view women as “mega” victims.

Perhaps Hillary has learned whining from her friend Gloria Steinem, who recently came to Hillary’s defense by stating that America’s more willing to resolve its racial issues by electing Barack than to give up its hate of women. Gloria was interviewed by St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times writer Colette Bancroft: “I think that the majority of the country wants redemption about racism. They don’t want redemption about misogyny. Not yet.” Gloria, Gloria.

The 70-something feminist icon still prefers to view men as the enemy; it’s an excuse for not thinking smarter and fighting stronger. Competition for power will never change just because women have broken through the glass ceiling. We better get that fact — and get it good. Sniveling is a huge waste. Smart girls understand that as early as the first grade. If they want to play with the boys who have the ball, they learn the rules and how to deal with cheaters. After their win, then they control the rules.

Here’s the good news: Hillary’s candidacy has split extreme feminist factions. One blogger on TheVisibleVote08.com rejects her. Pauline Park (no title offered) claims Hillary is no different than the masculine ruling party: “Hillary embodies not a feminist, but a masculinist ethos — an ethos of power and the attainment of power for power’s sake.” I’m inclined to think she’s right.

By the way, liberal feminists are known to coin their own words. “Masculinist” is an example. The feminists are so concerned about the “race-gender split” that Gloria and other powerhouse sisters recently gathered at a “kaffeeklatch” to assess their options (seattlepi.nwsource.com/opinion). Expect victimhood to remain in their game as they push for Hillary’s win. The tragedy could be this: If we finally get a female president, will her win come from pity?

One headline recently asked, “Do women have a tougher time than men?” It depends on who measures the pain. But I can tell you this: American women are the most blessed in the world, with even more work to do to bring justice for all. That would be for women, children and men.

Complaining rather than projecting will power and great ideas is for wimps — and losers.

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