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Posted: Wednesday, December 29, 2004 8:57 pm | Updated: 5:16 pm, Thu Oct 6, 2011.

Readers express themselves in "The Vent".

“Anyone with any sense or brains would want to have stray cats in their yard 24 hours a day. That is the only way to keep rodents and scorpions in balance. Of course, these cats must be fed and spayed by the homeowner. That is the only humane and kind way to go about things.”

“To the letter writer who wants to know why bicycle riders keep riding on the white line instead of in the bike lane: It’s because the bike lanes are so rough and broken up and full of stones.”

“I see President Bush isn’t so confident in the war in Iraq and how it’s going right now. Dare I say he’s flip-flopping?”

“Re Scott Chester’s (Sunday) letter, ‘Blood for oil’: Scott, that’s what Iraq is all about. It’s called Halliburton.”

“Re Dart Craytor’s Tuesday letter: ‘Christian America’ brought the Nazis to their knees? You know what? America brought them there. Why do you have to put that. . . word in front of it?”

“Re Brittany Everett’s column (East Valley Voice, Tuesday): Colorado City was once called Short Creek. They raided it (in 1953). When they let the women go, they went back to Short Creek because of no education, no jobs.”

“Re J. Quinn’s Tuesday letter citing President Bush for stealing from Social Security: Hey, for years, politicians have raided that glittering, golden fund and replaced it with worthless treasury IOUs. It’s the grand theft of the century.”

“If students can’t pass the AIMS test, they probably haven’t been paying attention in class. My tax dollars should go to something better than to pay for their private tutoring, which amounts to an award for their goofing off.”

“What a great state we live in. We have more administrators than teachers in the classrooms, so the students don’t learn anything. They all fail the AIMS test — and what’s the reward? We give them $250 each for being a failure.”

“It’s not the teachers who have failed. You can’t force someone to be educated.”

“What’s the difference between a beautiful woman and an ugly woman drinking out of a beer bottle with a cigarette in her hand?”

“Very few public places allow smoking except bars. If a beautiful woman drinking from a beer bottle and smoking turns you off, what about a handsome man doing the same thing? Is he more macho?”

“How about these senior citizens, mostly ladies, coming out of restaurants with toothpicks in their mouths? I think that’s worse.”

“I think you should expand The Vent to all five columns across the Opinion 2 page. Then, you could have one column on religion, one on politics, one to trash Mesa, one to criticize The Vent editor — and one for new and interesting subjects.”

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