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Letter: Agenda agitators rise again with Gilbert diversity department debate

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Posted: Sunday, July 29, 2012 8:14 am

Gilbert diversity agitators are again pushing the worthless and divisive diversity agenda, despite Valley diversity departments (DD) being completely discredited by 2006. The agitators hope we have forgotten that, so let’s recap.

Mesa’s five-person DD didn’t prevent Mesa from being found guilty by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of racial discrimination, sexual discrimination, and religious discrimination, all at the same time.

Even worse, in 2006 Mesa’s DD helped conceal their Hispanic Neighborhood Services Director’s guilt on 15 counts of racial discrimination and probable guilt on nine counts, out of 31 counts filed. Rather than insist the lady be fired, Mesa’s DD conspired with the city attorney to hide the findings from Mesa’s city council, and participated in hiring two different management coaches for the offender.

Contrarily, Mesa’s DD acted differently about an unproven discrimination complaint against their Caucasian city librarian. Mesa’s DD participated in hounding the lady into retirement.

Tempe’s DD didn’t prevent the notorious hostile work environment in its Public Works, concluding with a micro-bikini clad lady serving donuts there. Adding insult to failure and impotence, the Tempe DD then falsely accused Tempe Police, Fire, and Information Technology of discrimination. The resulting divisiveness and rancor required forceful Tempe city manager intervention to restore civility.

Similarly, Phoenix’s former 35-member DD and those of other Valley cities can’t account for any positive results. Clearly, DDs are useless.

Conversely, Gilbert never had a DD, and has no proven incidence of discrimination or hostile workplace. Our harmony and tolerance consistently repels the media’s false “Devil Dogs” race/hate gang smear. I have repeatedly challenged the local media for evidence of racial discrimination by the “Devil Dogs”. The challenges go unanswered because it never happened.

Seeking to revive their corrosive agenda, diversity zealots latches onto harassment allegations against a same-sex couple; appoints themselves legal authority; judges the allegations a hate crime; accuses the Gilbert Police of negligence; and demands Gilbert create a worthless DD. This is the definition of madness.

The reality is this: Few people know who or what lives in their neighborhoods. Most are unaware of their own front yards. Opponents of “urban sprawl” and “cookie cutter” housing developments echo this, scorning these as environments where people disappear into their garages until the next work day.

This being true, how and why would people know a couple was homosexual, rather than being brothers, sisters, cousins, or tenant roommates? Why would anyone even care? The fact is most community residents have interactions only through their kids’ activities. A conflict between juveniles could have started the squabble, and that must be part of a thorough investigation.

The lesson here is this: Council must kill the DD idea to drive away the agitators; everyone must accept that tolerance and communication goes both ways; and we minorities must avoid being pawns for diversity propagandists and their destructive agenda.

Doing those things will keep Gilbert a great, peaceful place to live.

Fred L Pinkney


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