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The Vent: May 25

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Posted: Friday, May 25, 2012 8:59 am

“I quite understand Bill Sandry’s frustration in trying to obtain Mitt Romney’s position on the reinstatement of Glass-Steagall. Here’s how it works with the Romney campaign, Mr. Sandry. If Congress should manage to pass such a reinstatement (fat chance!) and it proves to WORK, then Romney will say that he was for it all along.”

“Speaking of who ‘creates’ jobs. We don’t give ourselves enough credit. Americans purchase somewhere near $40 billion a year in illegal recreational drugs. This creates work for thousands of Latin American farmers, chemists, transporters and cartel thugs. We should be proud!”

“Marriage is between a man and a woman. Because God said so. And Obama is not greater than God, even though he thinks he is.”

“The ironic thing about Obama’s anti Bain capital ad coming from the union is if not for the union that plant would probably still be open. Get rid of the union and most likely it would have been instantly profitable.”

“Americans have always regarded themselves as a fair and just people, thats why we even have a Bill of Rights. This is the first election I’ve seen run entirely by super-PACs. They represent lies, hatred, and bigotry. They are eating away at the moral fibre of society. Pandora’s box has been opened our lawmakers relish it as if it were the gates to Sodom and Gomorrah. Super-PACs don’t represent the people, they are an embarrassment to this nation, and it’s not who we are.”

“To the venter who said Mitt Romney’s talk of patriotism and fairness is nothing more than political jargon and that actions speak louder than words: well, he really must mean Obama since this country went through four years of ‘hope and change,’ which changed hope into despair for millions of people. And if Obama gets re-elected with his new ‘moving this country forward’ slogan, it will only translate into “words speak louder than actions,” given this president’s track record.”

“Let me get this straight. Death row inmate Samuel Lopez’s execution was stopped because he felt that he didn’t get his petition judged competently by the new Arizona Clemency Board. He was convicted by a jury of 12 of his peers and sentenced to die for having broken into the apartment of a 59-year old woman in 1986, 26 years ago. He raped and beat the victim. Then he shoved a scarf in her mouth and stabbed her 23 times in the chest and three in the stomach, and then slashed her throat. This is the man that the ‘anti-death penalty’ Liberal activists, nuns, priests and left-Wing lawyers feel should be given clemency?”

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