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The Gingrich plan: Former House speaker offers clear vision, while presidential candidates pitch talking points

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Posted: Sunday, September 23, 2007 3:26 am | Updated: 6:13 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

America waits. Surely it will not fall, will not become an historical statistic. But, the hounds are so close and there’s no sign of a Joan of Arc, or a William Wallace. What’s to become of us?

At first glance, Newt Gingrich, an old soldier, doesn’t seem to fit the armor, but hold that double take. The former House speaker, run out of town in 1998 during a congressional housecleaning, has always been credited with brilliance and a genius political spark. Even Time magazine called him an “exceptional leader.” But, for now, he’s more of a prophet than a warrior. I would never have thought to use that label for him, but considering the yellow stripes down the backs of politicians in both parties, it’s an easy jump.

I’ve been collecting Gingrich’s words during this season of the dancing candidates. They’re running for president; he’s the one making sense. Yes, it’s noted he most likely will be a Republican contender. But even if he’s not, we will be wise to dine on his educated outlook for America — lefties especially.

Consider this Gingrich warning: If we value our civil liberties, we best pay attention to what will happen the morning after we lose an American city to terrorists. Gingrich claims Americans will freely give up civil rights in the panic to save themselves and their families. He is becoming the voice of warning along with too few others who offer alarming predictions.

Why don’t we hear this stuff from our presidential candidates? In a recent conversation with a close friend, Sun Lakes resident Beverly Campbell, she expressed the sentiments of so many others: “I would just like someone to speak to me clearly, directly and honestly with a pointed program addressing the issues.” I dare say, Campbell, a longtime D.C. resident who knows the games on Capitol Hill, shares the sentiments of a confused and increasingly irritated American public.

Months back, Campbell suggested, “Listen to Gingrich! He’s the only one making

sense.” She was right and I’m surprised. While others are obviously tutored by polls, Gingrich is powered by his extensive and well-published knowledge of history, combined with gutsy political know-how.

In a recent appearance at the National Press Club, he said he is “deeply afraid” for his grandchildren and his country. Unlike some politicians who use fear and terrorism as a tool to whack the voter into line, Gingrich comes across as a voice to follow.

Check out his Web site ( and click on his talk at the American Enterprise Institute. There you will find the substance we beg for and the names of certain other “prophets,” who warn us about what’s ahead. One author, Norman Podhoretz, comes right out and calls it “World War IV,” — the Cold War having been WWIII.

A side note: For those seeking health care solutions, read Gingrich’s “Saving Lives and Saving Money” — a “vision for a 21st century health care system.”

This is how I see it: Hell is coming at us from without and within. Though the first shot has not been fired, America is in a civil war; a civil war of ideologies. Hate and intolerance are growing. Our courts and schools are breeding fields for the same. Neighbors struggle to identify common ground to share in strength. We are in peril. Either we pay attention to those who warn of our downfall or we will fall, and fall hard.

Those seeking voter endorsement shudder at the responsibility of standing on the front lines without their strategist talking points. They are cowards who play games with our security in order to manipulate. Ladies and gentlemen, for this change of guard we need a fearless, visionary commander-in-chief who places God and country before self and special interests — a growing number of which are other countries.

America has lost focus, gleefully noted by world nations and not the least, a rag-tag group called al-Qaida and other radical Islamists. Every history book relays accounts of those who studied the signs and issued warnings. Such voices are among us today.

Forgive the drama. Times demand a direct approach. Those who adopt the duck-and-cover strategy in the name of pacification will doom us all. Study and learn.

Linda Turley-Hansen is a syndicated columnist and former veteran Phoenix television news anchor who lives in the East Valley. She can be reached by e-mail at

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