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The Vent: March 9

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Posted: Friday, March 9, 2012 8:47 am

“So sad to see our Arizona Sen. John McCain still trying to grab the brass ring. He is 75 years old now. Time to put the old warhorse out to pasture. Leave the fighting and the calling for war to younger men and women. No one wants to see this American patriot prisoner of war becoming the next Sen. Byrd, having to wipe the drool from his mouth when he is addressing the Senate. Time now to enjoy all those beautiful homes and ranches that he and his wife own. Time to go gracefully into the night.”

“First McCain wants us to bomb, bomb, bomb Iran. Now he wants us to bomb Syria? Can’t we recall this nut case before he does us some real harm?”

“Why does the Arizona Legislature worry about unborn children and could care less after they’re born?”

“Just because you do not like the opinion of a news agency, does that make them wrong? Remember it was The National Enquirer that broke the story on liberal darling John Edwards. The supposed ‘mainstream’ media called it a lie. In real life, the mainstream media can no longer be trusted with the truth.”

“I hate to break it to Rush, Hannity, etc., but you (Fox News included) are the mainstream media.”

“The crown jewel of the Democratic party — abortion — was losing its luster, so with the help of their minions in the media, the Democrats were able to successfully rebrand it into ‘contraception’.”

“Keep the faith Rush. The makers of Trojan condoms may want to advertise on radio show. It could be a marriage made in heaven.”

“Thank you, Tribune staff and Jamie Copland for the wonderful articles on Alzheimer’s. Should be a must-read sometime for all families.”

“Well, it looks like the Mesa City Hall (Mayor Scott Smith and the City Council) have a 3-for-3 record going on. The Gaylord Mega-Resort and Convention Center that was supposed to bring one million visitors to Mesa is toast. Mesa’s new Cubs Ballpark has the distinction of having the largest lawn of all the Spring Training Venues in America (26 acres). Now we were just told that the 600 “well-paying jobs” that the First Solar plant was bringing to Mesa will be “delayed” for the foreseable future. Looks like the old Mesa taxpayer is gonna have to come up with the $11 million Fiesta Mall Beautification, the $15 million Mesa downtown gentrification, and don’t forget those $250,000 downtown Mesa bus/Metro waiting areas. Spend, spend, spend equals borrow, borrow, borrow.”

“Tax and spend liberals like Mike McClellan see no end to the amount of taxpayer dollars our K-12 education system can flush down a rat hole. The U.S. spends more per pupil than any other country in the world, with the exception of Switzerland. Unfortunately, our money is not well spent as U.S. student performance is among the lowest of all industrialized countries. McClellan’s thinly veiled argument for extending the sales tax hike flies in the face of Governer Brewer’s promise of a temporary tax. Higher taxes and more spending is not the answer. Better teaching and better parenting is. McClellan doesn’t want to talk about that.”

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