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Posted: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 10:10 pm | Updated: 7:22 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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Tolerating intolerance

The recent visit of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia to Pope Benedict in Vatican City calls attention to Saudi intolerance. While Saudi Arabia has a population of 25 million, 5 million of that number are foreign workers. One and a half million of those foreign workers, or 6 percent of the total population, happen to be Christians. No churches are allowed in the country. Cross symbols are forbidden. No prayer meetings may be advertised. If people wish to attend a private prayer service in a private residence it will not be interfered with as long as there is no public indication of what is going on inside, such as a cross in the window. That said, a Catholic priest once reported to me that his Mass service in a private home was once halted by local religious police in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. By contrast, the Saudis are, by far, the biggest funders of the many mosques and schools popping up in cities across America, for the 2 percent of the U.S. population who happen to be Muslim. Saudi Arabia and Arabian Peninsula institutions are generous donors to U.S. Muslim organizations (such as the Council of American Islamic Relations) which pursue discrimination lawsuits and use other pressure tactics to achieve special prayer times for Muslim employees, special foot basins and exclusive prayer accommodations in airports, schools and malls, sensitivity training for police and teachers, etc. The Achilles heel of U.S. culture, and Western cultures generally, is that they have so embraced the politically correct version of the doctrine of tolerance that they will eventually tolerate intolerance.




Docs in sheep’s clothing

I recently read Dennis Welch’s “Covance suit runs up outside legal fees” (Nov. 5). At what point do we “call a spade a spade” and realize that these folks who call themselves Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine are really just animal rights activists and not doctors? According to Newsweek, 95 percent of PCRM’s members are not physicians. They don’t give sound medical advice, but instead they use the issue to promote a radical animal rights agenda, and the sad thing is that it is costing Chandler taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Being a “spin doctor” does not make one a physician.




Let it roll

I think the whole rock ’n’ roll theme park idea for Eloy is a marvelous idea, and would do wonders for the economy in Arizona. Adults of all ages would be able to relate. Here’s to hoping it happens!




Bill burdens independents

Rep. Barney Franks, D-Mass., is trying to pass a bill to put mortgage brokers out of business. I believe it is burdensome to the independent mortgage broker, anticompetitive and, in the name of consumer protection, it will actually harm consumers. In an already tough lending and real estate environment, this bill will put additional unneeded pressure on real estate prices and cause unforeseen harm to homeowners, mortgage professionals and real estate professionals everywhere. It will also limit the choices consumers have in finding a residential mortgage loan to strictly large financial institutions.






Impeachment for change

I have a question I would like answered. Why is it that Americans are more concerned with Britney’s behavior than the actions of our representatives in Washington, D.C.? Don’t misunderstand the question, I understand entertainment can be considered as our right to pursue happiness, as set forth in our Bill of Rights, giving everyone the “right” to watch it. But at the present time those “rights” are in jeopardy. If Vice President Dick Cheney and President Bush are allowed to continue using the Constitution as a doormat, your ability to pursue happiness, along with your right to liberty and freedom, may disappear, too. Recognizing there is a problem is the first step in taking back our country.

The next step is just as easy, and doesn’t require you to turn off the TV. Rep. Dennis Kucinich, D-Ohio, has introduced House Resolution 333, Articles of Impeachment against Dick Cheney, on the floor of the House of Representatives. Pick up the phone and call your representative at (800) 862-5530. Tell them in no uncertain terms, you want them to uphold the freedoms set forth in the Constitution, and vote to support the impeachment of the vice president.




Handling the truth

Regarding the Oct. 4 front-page article: “Language barrier plagues police” — What country is this? There isn’t enough space to address all the idiocy in that article; so I’ll hit the worst.

Nine out of 10 times a police officer encounters a non-English speaker, that person is an illegal immigrant (usually from Mexico). Mesa’s police chief doesn’t want his officers asking about immigration status. Solution No. 1: Fire George Gascón and get a real police officer as chief who will enforce all the laws (as police officers are sworn to do — see Sheriff Joe Arpaio). The main reason there are so many illegals in Mesa is that they know they don’t have to worry about being deported. If they did, they would move to other cities with liberal views on illegal immigration, or, better yet, back to Mexico. (Incidentally, the Tribune reporter could not bring herself to mention even one time that illegal immigration is heavily in play here.)

“Being able to provide good services to the citizens is the bottom line,” says Mesa Police Association president Fabian Cota. Solution No. 2: Get a police union president who understands that to be a “citizen” (if not born here) one is required to understand and speak English.

Mass immigration in this day and age is not a good thing and to look the other way is to commit national suicide. Why should the taxpayers of Mesa (or any other city for that matter) have to pay more in order to accommodate a “community” of illegals? Solution No. 3: Stop pandering to these lawbreakers and most of them will leave on their own. Those who don’t will eventually be caught and deported and then there will be no language barrier plaguing the police — or the rest of us for that matter.



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