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Letters to the editor: Oct. 23

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Posted: Thursday, October 23, 2008 6:44 pm | Updated: 9:00 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

The Oct. 10 headlines give a new meaning to the term “home sick.” It all starts with the average American who has bought into the “more is better” philosophy. I’m sure that some people wondered, “How is it that I can own more than I can afford?”

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Set up to fail

The Oct. 10 headlines give a new meaning to the term “home sick.” It all starts with the average American who has bought into the “more is better” philosophy. I’m sure that some people wondered, “How is it that I can own more than I can afford?” But, because it seemed true, many people bought “more” of everything — houses, cars and stuff. Our leaders encouraged us to spend, spend, spend! Alan Greenspan promoted the use of adjustable rate loans with teaser rates to purchase the American dream — a bigger, more expensive home than we could afford. President Bush encouraged more consumer spending, as evidenced by his economic stimulus plan.

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Most troubling of all, the clever custodians of our financial system devised a new plan to make money — credit default swaps — a $54.6 trillion problem that threatens the world economy. Why not sell contracts betting against the failure of companies that profit from, and finance, our excesses? Wall Street firms, large domestic and foreign banks, and AIG did just that, to the tune of $54.6 trillion! They gambled that the housing bubble in America would not burst.

The housing bubble didn’t burst — it exploded! I believe that other instruments financing our excesses, such as consumer credit card debt, will also explode. I fear that average Americans will lose their homes, jobs and financial future before the crisis recedes.

Our enemies who hate our way of life surely must be laughing today. Where do we go from here?




Manross’ wrong choice

As a Republican state senator who witnessed Mayor Mary Manross sell out Scottsdale in the 20-year transportation tax, I cannot stay silent. When the conservative Republicans insisted on the transportation funding from the renewal of the tax be evenly distributed, Manross balked in closed-door meetings. At the request of and out of respect to state Senator Carolyn Allen, R-Scottsdale, we allowed Manross to be the only mayor to interject during terse discussions in the Senate president’s office. Manross insisted that $2.3 billion be spent out of the 20-year tax for light rail in other cities. When the Republicans made the point that she was saddling Scottsdale as a donor city to the tax, she made the same analogy as she does about City Councilman Jim Lane, “the difference between looking backward or looking forward.” Manross said she did not want to “look backwards,” so she supported a plan that sent sales tax to other cities and ensured that Scottsdale’s transportation needs were not met. Manross’ inability to put Scottsdale’s residents before her desire to look progressive should not be rewarded. I support Lane and fiscal conservatives in Scottsdale should as well.




Brock supports Sun Lakes

Fulton Brock represents our area on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. We support him for re-election because of his competence and attention to detail regarding issues important to his constituents. The needs of an aging population are paramount in Sun Lakes and Brock has demonstrated and interest and concern in the problems of the elderly. Neighbors Who Care is an organization that provides a variety of programs to ensure that seniors are able to remain in their homes as long as possible. When NWC needed to purchase a new office, Brock was instrumental in providing assistance about the permitting process and made a special effort to attend NWC’s initial open house. We are confident that Brock will continue to act in the best interests of the residents of District 1, and will vote to continue his service as a Maricopa County supervisor.




Dist. 21: No more taxes

I read on the Vote Smart Web site that House Democratic candidate Phil Hettmansperger wants to increase our state income taxes (both personal and corporate) and he said in a recent debate with Rep. Warde Nichols, R-Gilbert, and Rep. Steve Yarbrough, R-Chandler, that he would also be willing to increase our property taxes. Are you kidding me? We get stuck bailing out Wall Street and he wants to raise our taxes to grow state government, too.

This guy is running for public office for the fifth time. All losses, no wonder. If you want higher taxes, Hettmansperger is your guy.




Condemn anti-Obama shouts

Sadly we have come to expect the mudslinging in these campaigns. However, John McCain, who has sold his soul for the opportunity to become president, has proven himself to not be a man of any integrity. To allow people in his audience to yell out “terrorist” in regards to Barack Obama, and to allow his vice presidential running mate to incite people to say “kill him” in a rally is beyond despicable, to say the least. To not be able to stand up like a man and denounce these things speaks volumes about McCain’s total lack of character. There are absolutely no excuses for the things his camp is putting out there. No excuses at all. Shame on you, John McCain. And if by some unfortunate turn of events he is chosen to lead this country — God help us all.



McCain is a safe bet

Let’s face it — the job of president is bigger than any one person. No one is going to step into this office and make the world a perfect place. So, let’s examine our choices on the most simple, basic level. Blaming President Bush or the Republican Party for the current economic crisis is like giving Neil Armstrong credit for landing on the moon all by himself. They are all to blame — so we can level that playing field right now.

We have one candidate who has some interesting ideas for change, certainly worthy of consideration and debate. But his past relationships are cause for concern. Are they serious relationships? It makes me a little uncomfortable. The same candidate has strict partisan allegiances — will he represent all Americans, or just those in his party? His running mate tells me it’s a privilege to pay more taxes — is he serious?

The other candidate isn’t perfect either. But his loyalty and commitment to serving this country is uncompromising. And he has crossed party lines, angered his own party on occasion, to get the job done. His running mate has taken on her own party in the best interest of those she serves. That takes some serious guts. This ticket is strongly supported by many in our military — and I trust the judgment of those men and women.

This isn’t a hard decision. Now is not the time to gamble with a wild card — we need the integrity and commitment of John McCain and Sarah Palin.



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