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Turley-Hansen: Dependency a form of enslavement

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East Valley resident Linda Turley-Hansen (turleyhansen@gmail.com) is a syndicated columnist and former Phoenix veteran TV anchor.

Posted: Sunday, September 2, 2012 8:37 am | Updated: 2:48 pm, Mon Sep 16, 2013.

Dependency a form of enslavement

So, women voters are being courted via the political conventions, as they should be. If you’re interested, note which party believes women can be suckered through fear and freebees. Expect massive efforts towards manipulation.

I don’t believe that aware women can be bought with free contraceptives and the like. Of course, there are some who believe government should manage citizen’s lives from office to kitchen to bedroom. They are another sort, not someone I understand, regardless of their party preference. In fact, they are quite dangerous to themselves and those they influence.

In fair disclosure, I’m a huge advocate of the power in women. No, not sexual power and not masculine power, either; only unwise women beg to be like men. To clarify, I’m not speaking of equal pay issues, which I support. I’m speaking of issues which sap female power and turn women into slaves to their providers. Women must be alert to losing their God-given independence.

Remember, he who provides the money is boss. If he buys your birth control, he owns you and the kids. Know this: They don’t call him Uncle Sam for nothing. Government is male energy and will dominate if it buys your stuff. It’s about power and control. It pretends it has your interest at heart so you’ll depend on it.

This is what I saw as a news reporter: Local assistance to women and children comes faster and requires fewer “strings” than assistance which comes from thousands of miles away and is directed by federal puppets.

I reported on many church and non-profit groups assisting those down and out and women in need of reproductive help on every level. Community and private assistance trumps national.

Women are known to see the bigger picture. And, bigger is what we need to be watching in this general election. Your pocketbook and that of your family is of major consequence. You and/or your husband have a job; you buy your own birth control. Without a job, someone else buys your — everything.

Teresa R. Funke, author of “Dancing in Combat Boots,” says, “We make the things that matter, matter.” Isn’t that the truth?

Awake women know this: Their children and their families matter. Jobs and affordable food and gas, matter; safety matters; dignity, pride and sovereignty. Health care of their choice matters. (Note Obamacare death panel confirmation) (http://yidwithlid.blogspot.com/2012/08/robert-gibbs-confirms-existence-of.html). Women must understand what happens when they hook their children and senior parents to government programs and make welfare a way of life.

I’ve lived in the East Valley for nearly 40 years. Women here are strong and family-focused. We care about our neighbors and our schools. We are involved in our churches and non-profit organizations which help the unsteady. We see what matters.

For inspiration, get to know one of the GOP’s convention speakers, Mia Love. The 39-year-old Haitian is mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah and now running for Congress. She said: “The America I came to know was centered in personal responsibility and filled with the American dream.”

Obama’s vision for the country is a “divided one” she said, “That is pitting us against each other based on our income level, gender and social status.”

Wise women know delayed gratification and hard work unfurl dreams. They understand. But, those who choose to take what appears to be the easy road will sell their destiny and that of their children to the entrapment of government dependency.

View the next two months as an opportunity to explore two clear choices. Economic recovery offers hope, whereas dependency is a sure dead end, for generations to come. Obama is selling dependency. See the “2016” movie. Register and vote. Vote for what “matters.”

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