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Letters to the editor: March 19

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Posted: Wednesday, March 19, 2008 1:48 am | Updated: 11:48 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

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No reason to switch to Obama

As a life-long political “junkie” that always votes (first time for a president was in 1960) — and votes for the person not the party — I feel Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., is naïve when he believes that when/if he gets the nomination, all registered Democrats will forget Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., and vote for him. He needs to wake up and face some reality.

Why should we switch to Obama? He will have dashed dream of millions of women of seeing a woman elected president/leader here in the U.S. (as has Germany, England and Israel, to name a few countries that have elected women leaders). Why would we follow a senator who has done very little to explain how he plans to accomplish his hopes and dreams. The next president must be able to work with all of Congress, not just those in his own political party.

If Clinton is not the Democratic nominee for president, don’t expect her multitude of supporters to then support Obama. That is not going to happen.

Instead, most of us will go with solid, trustworthy, honest, “tell it like it is” Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., who has over two decades of experience.

Plus, he has a great deal of experience working with all of Congress, not just the Republicans.



Many reasons to reject McCain

I read John Keating’s March 6 letter to the editor and could not resist writing a response. I hope he is not a relative of Charles Keating. Or maybe you just don’t remember him. He was connected to the Keating Five. And maybe the reason the Tribune does not write gushing articles of support for Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., because the senator was also one of the Keating Five. Remember the Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal that the federal government had to bail out to the tune of $124 billion?

Then there is the problem with McCain’s wife, Cindy. Do we really want someone in the White House who stole drugs from a medical charity she established?




What have they gotten right?

Apparently our 90 mental midgets at the state Capitol aren’t capable of solving our budget crisis. So, they just forget about it and go on to more pressing and very important legislation.

The Senate Transportation Committee has voted down, in committee, the latest attempt to rein in drunken drivers. Sen. Robert Blendu, R-Litchfield Park, says “it will make someone feel better” if it is advanced out of committee! Seems to me, it would make a whole lot of people feel better who have lost loved ones to drunken drivers. Our Legislature thinks we don’t need to outlaw texting while driving. Why? Enough people haven’t been killed yet?

All these folks want to outlaw photo radar. They have several bills and initiatives “in the hopper” to get this terrible procedure stopped. According to law enforcement officials, it aids them greatly. We won’t even readdress the goofy idea that you need to be going 11 mph over the speed limit before a ticket is warranted.

Sen. Jack Harper, R-Surprise, always has some goofy thoughts each year. He decided two years ago that he knew more about running the National Guard than did the adjutant general. Last year, when the governor submitted the adjutant general’s appointment for another five years, Harper held it in committee and would not release it, all this because he got his feelings hurt the year before. He started this session saying he wouldn’t release it from committee this year, either, but he finally did a couple of weeks ago.

The real problems don’t seem to be getting solved in the House or the Senate, but the goofy ones keep popping up.




Upsetting gaps in service

I’m very upset about the bus service in Mesa and the entire East Valley. My wife works in Tempe and we live just inside the Mesa line. My wife has to work until around 10 p.m. and it is a problem for her to get home on Sunday night because most of the buses stop running about 10 p.m. or just a little after, and besides, none of the east-west lines come into Mesa at that hour. So my wife has to walk a mile home from Apache Boulevard and Price Road. This is dangerous and stupid.

We should have bus service late at night and on weekends so people can get where they need to go any time. Any other big city in this country, it would not be a problem, but it is here, because the leaders of Mesa refuse to fund bus service properly.

What we should have is the same ability to get around as someone in a car. With gas prices as high as they are, it seems that it would be especially important for us to have bus service 24 hours a day all over this Valley. Mesa keeps cutting bus service, as they are trying to do again this year. What we need is regional control over bus service, not on a city-by-city basis. If it was all united like in L.A., maybe bus service would be better in Mesa. We cannot forget that this is people’s lives we are talking about, people trying to earn a living and feed their family.




Slow down, take responsibility

A few days before Christmas, a woman ran a stop sign going approximately 60 mph and totaled my car. Fortunately, my 5-year-old daughter and I were not injured. This driver could have seriously injured or killed us. Apparently arriving at her destination a few seconds earlier was more important than the safety and lives of the other people on the road that night.

Much to my surprise, the officer called to the scene informed me that the driver who hit me stated that I ran the stop sign. She could have killed my daughter and me, and now she’s lying to a police officer and not taking responsibility for her recklessness.

Every time you take the wheel of an automobile you can change someone’s life if you’re intoxicated, talking on a cell phone, not paying attention or being reckless. A human life is much too precious to take away for simply being irresponsible behind the wheel.

If you are responsible for an accident, tell the truth. It’s not fair for an innocent person to be injured, killed, or harmed financially because of your recklessness or mistake. When you’re driving, slow down, pay attention and take responsibility for your actions.




It’s worth more than $17.80

There have recently been a couple of letters to the editor telling about how the writer has observed displays of honesty from some people, people returning lost money or preventing someone from making a costly mistake, so I thought I would relate an experience of my own.

Last week I was standing in the returns line at Wal-Mart and the lady in front of me explained to the clerk that, the week before, she had bought several items at Wal-Mart, but when she’d gotten home, one of the items was missing. She’d returned to the store with he sales slip, explained the situation, and the clerk had refunded $17.80 to her. She went on to say that, that day, she’d opened the passenger’s door on her car and found that the “lost” item had apparently fallen out of the shopping bag and gotten lodged between the passenger’s door and seat.

She handed the clerk $17.80, saying that she wanted to return the money they had refunded to her. The clerk, somwhat amazed, thanked her profusely and accepted the refund. You could tell from the lady’s appearance that $17.80 was not a negligible amount of money for her, and I was very impressed that she had been honest enough to rectify her error.

Yes, there are still those among us to whom “honesty is the best policy,” and I hope to see more reports of such actions in your paper in the future.




Running scared

It’s an election year! Can’t tell? Just listen to all the politicians telling you anything and everything you want to hear, and more. And that brings us right home to Pinal County, where the gang that runs it is so worried about the after effects of the Stanley Griffis affair that they have issued the “integrity, ethics and accountability” document.

Included in this manifesto is the establishment of a third party “whistle blower” hotline designed to allow employees to fink on their boss without being fired. Do the county managers really think the folks will take advantage of this knowing that everybody today has “caller ID”? Are they really expecting phone calls from the employees who voted for their bosses all these years, just so they could keep their jobs? The county has also formed a Public Integrity Committee responsible for follow up on issues reported to the hotline. Try guessing whether or not the committee will be comprised of Board of Supervisor sycophants.

The next part of the document establishes an Internal Audit Office and an auditor, who will report directly to the Board of Supervisors in order to “remain unbiased, objective and independent in all respects.” This might work if the supervisors of Pinal County were themselves unbiased, objective and independent; and also clean and pure as the fresh driven snow.

What Pinal County needs right now is a forensic audit performed by an outside agency. A forensic audit would clean up county government and remove the stench generated by 135 years of unchecked ineptitude and criminality and start to restore the faith of the county’s citizens. Need money for this? You have read for years about the county spending millions of dollars for outside studies and advice; there is money.




Gilbert must reject levies

In the Tribune on March 5, we read the Gilbert Town Council is moving down a path of taxing residents to make up for the shortfall in the town budget. This shortfall was created mostly through bad judgement calls by Mayor Steve Berman and council members (i.e., Big League Dreams, give away tax incentives to lure car dealerships, etc.).

In other words, the mayor and Town Council blew Gilbert’s tax money on bad projects and now want the residents of Gilbert to make up the difference through even higher taxes. Under consideration is both a sales tax and a town sponsored property tax. This cannot be allowed.

The mayor and Town Council have already proven that they are totally incompetent and irresponsible with taxpayer money. Giving them more will only ensure that other bad judgement projects will be pursued. Once they get the right to tax Gilbert residents more, they will, again and again and again. If the mayor and Town Council won’t listen to Gilbert residents then it’s time to remove them from office. Fred Phyllis is right, Gilbert residents do need to end incompetence in our political scene by recalling Berman.

Such an action should send a not-so-subtle message to those Town Council members proposing more taxes to offset their blunders that Gilbert residents have had enough.




‘Corruption’ signs embarrass town

An out-of-town visitor recently asked me about Gilbert’s government corruption problem that is advertised on signs all over town. What a statement for the town! As every informed person is aware, these signs are a misrepresentation of the truth. Fred Phillis needs to wise up and debate factual issues. I respect his freedom to have differing and extreme viewpoints, but defending them with false statements and fallacies is preying on the ignorant and uninformed.

Phillis cannot attack the council with facts because the fact is that the Town Council has done and continues to do an outstanding job. This is evidenced by the fact that Gilbert has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. and was named one of the best places to live by Money magazine. Phillis is consumed with advertising Gilbert as a terrible place to live and to do business. My family likes living in Gilbert. It is unfortunate that Fred Phillis doesn’t.



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