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The Vent: May 18

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Posted: Friday, May 18, 2012 11:03 am

“It came as no surprise to me to hear about how a teenage Mitt Romney — then comfortably tucked into his exclusive private prep school — marshalled a gang of his buddies to harass a fellow student by forcing him down and cutting his long, blond hair because he didn’t fit in; in fact, the student was presumed to have been ‘a homosexual.’ As famed anti-bullying expert Jodee Blanco once wrote, ‘Bullies never remember, and victims never forget.’”

“Mitt Romney handled this prep school incident very well, showing true leadership qualities by not remembering the incident. Sometimes it becomes necessary to impose your ideology on a non-conformist by force or punishment. Whether its a prep school or the Marines we all know some people can’t handle the truth.”

“If same-sex marriages were treated like same-sex corporate mergers, and could make unlimited campaign contributions, Mitt would would have to flip again. Money always trumps theological convictions.”

“I didn’t know that gay parents are automatically dismissed from being incompetent, immature, and violent like those ‘traditional’ parents that Sunday’s venter suggests. I thought gays always wanted equal rights? Now, this venter suggests that gay parents are better than the ‘traditional’ parents. Being heterosexual or gay does not determine whether that person will be incompetent, immature, and violent. How can someone so incompetent think this way?”

“I have to take great exception to the comments made by Patrick Shepherd in Sunday’s paper. Somehow he thinks gay people feel they need or deserve special rights. Nothing could be more incorrect. Gay people just want the exact same rights as he has. No more, no less. They want to be able to fall in love and marry the person of their choice, to live peacefully in a community without fear of harassment or hostility, to be able to raise children (biological or otherwise), to be able to hold a job without fear of unjust termination, to be able to express their feelings in public without being jeered at, and to share in the same financial benefits of partnership straight couples enjoy. These are not special privileges. This is called equality.”

“When Sheriff Joe’s deputies go on a call where a Mexican suspect has committed a crime and ran from the scene, they need to stop and check an equal amount of white, black and Indian men. This is so the do-gooders can’t say he is profiling. I guess if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it doesn’t apply in police work.”

“Liberalism 101. Demonize anyone who doesn’t agree with you, and then blame them for your failures!”

“We are aware of how eagerly the younger set embraces their personal communication devices, sending messages often using both hands. Would you say, then, that they are basically ambitextrous? Just wondering.”

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