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The Vent: Feb. 25

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Posted: Friday, February 25, 2011 3:15 am

"Our legislature fiddles while Arizona burns. Conservatives who rail against the ‘Nanny State' are flooding us with laws that tell us how to live and how to behave."

"Kudos to the daughter of the Venter who attended college and worked full-time, graduating with a 4.02 GPA! I have a 17-year-old who endured two surgeries and chemo for brain cancer, starting at age 10, and who is currently a high school honor student. However, I would no sooner attribute her determination, intelligence, talent and accomplishments to her ‘Democratic upbringing' as I would believe that your daughter's achievements are due to her ‘Republican upbringing.' Let's give credit where it's due, shall we?"

"Is anybody paying attention to the Gilbert Town Council election? I can't believe Gilbert would re-elect Linda Abbott, Dave Crozier and

Les Presmyk after they brought in the unions, tried to shove tax increases down our throats, and paid $300k per acre for park land that was appraised at $45 to $67k per acre!"

"Has the govenor released the impact the space travelers to the UFO convention will have on Arizona."

"Sign at the marijuana rehabilitation center reads: ‘Keep Off The Grass'"

"I guess the Democrats are what we thought they are, cowards. Running away and hiding when things get tough."

"Why in the world is any state that has congressmen who left the state and are not doing anything he/she was elected to do, being paid? Not a single one of those individuals should be paid any money for being AWOL."

"Under Daley, Chicago became a third-world city unsafe for all. Now with Rahm Emanuel it will get even worse."

"Will we do to Gabby Giffords like we have done to so many before? Will she ‘earn' her job for the things she has done or will she be ‘given' her job because she got shot? What will the future be? I look at the poll here and I see that both Gabby and Flake have the lead and I wonder why?"

"I predict that that the individuals campaigning for either Jon Kyl's seat, or Jeff Flake's soon-to-be vacant seat, will use the terms ‘America back on track,' ‘create jobs,' ‘the American people have spoken,' and some reference to ‘mortgaging our children's future.' This isn't surprising. What is surprising to me, is how many voters actually think they are hearing ANYTHING of substance. It is scary to think how many people cast their vote based on sound bites."

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