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The Vent: Nov. 30

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Posted: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 7:00 am

"The type cynicism I read in the Vent, in the Letters to the Editor, as well cynicism and sarcasm that I hear on the cable news is paralyzing the country. We blame the Republicans, then the Democrats, Congress, the President, the previous President, Wall Street, the poor, and everyone in between. We are the owners of our providence, yet we do not blame ourselves for where we are. These Vents are a microcosm of our country: dysfunctional."

"All of you Yellow Dogs in Pima County who want to secede from Arizona - I have an idea. Why don't you all apply for Mexican citizenship? Then you can hate Republicans, Arizona, and the United States unfettered by rules or by conscience."

"Want to prove humans are only animals and not necessarily a ‘higher' form of animal? Hold a Walmart ‘Black Friday' sale."

"Yet again this year, ‘Black Friday' has proven that retailers will never go broke by overestimating the moronic mindset of the American shopper!"

"After Black Friday I wondered if this past holiday was Thanksgiving or Thanksgetting."

"If ASU can't beat ‘Bezerkley' on Senior Night at Sun Devil Stadium on a nationally televised game, then you don't deserve to go to any Bowl Game no matter how far down the list it is."

"The NBA millionaires are possibly going back to work on Christmas. Obama is really excited because he can count these millionaires as jobs he has created for his monthly bogus jobs report. I guess if I want a job, I'll have to learn how to play basketball."

"In the Sunday Letters To The Editor section, I am fed up to see another liberal Democrat, Edward F. Murphy of Mesa, do what they do best, and that is to spin the truth!"

"Mr. Edward F. Murphy, you are wrong about Bush. He raised the deficit by only $400 billion, while your precious Obama has raised it in three years by $14 trillion. You want facts? Try listening to Hannity or Rush. They'll tell you the truth, even when it hurts."

"In Mr. Murphy's (letter to the editor) on Sunday he accused another editorial writer of drinking too much Kool Aid and not having his debt figures correct. But after fact checking, it appears that Mr. Murphy's figures are incorrect. Maybe someone spiked Mr. Murphy's Kool Aid!"

"To the ‘pained' person who thinks we should all just get along: The only way to deal with these bleeding heart liberals is ‘We win, you lose.' The Soviet Union could not take our country down, but these pinko commie liberals will do it if we let them. What is not to despise? They are wrecking our nation. I despise liberals and I have the utmost contempt for RINOS. That would include all of you who voted for Jerry Lewis."


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