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Letters to editor: May 1

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Posted: Saturday, May 1, 2010 7:17 pm | Updated: 3:26 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

IMMIGRATION: Embarrassed for Arizona

As a long time Arizonan — I can’t remember being more embarrassed about being a resident of this state.

I moved here more than 17 years ago to start an Aerospace Engineering firm that employs more than 50 people. I am simply appalled at the latest round of “legislation” that has come out of the state.

At a time when budgets and services are in disarray, this body busies itself with nonsense (i.e. - requiring birth certificates for presidential candidates!!!). Additionally, the immigration bill just signed into law is an affront to the idea of liberty. I simply cannot understand how conservatives decry our “loss of liberty” because of new regulations on insurance companies, while at the same time enacting legislation that requires a people of a free nation to produce “papers” on demand to law enforcement to “prove they have the right to be here.” How can you justify such an blatant affront to the idea of liberty?

My father spent two years fighting against such nonsense — in the form of imperial Japan — and I have seen two tours in central Iraq (as a Navy officer) dealing with the remnants of a similarly oppressive government.

Of course there are aliens here illegally. Just as there are wanted criminals walking our streets. But neither reality gives the state the right to stop people on the street to ask for identification. We are free FIRST. There is no guarantee to security in either the state or federal constitution. To sacrifice liberty for the illusion of “security” is simply pandering to the lowest impulses in our society.

That our own state would pass such blatantly un-American and unconstitutional legislation — that will surely be over-turned by the courts at a cost to the Arizona taxpayers — simply convinces me that this state’s governance does not possess a modicum of common sense or a basic understanding of what it means to live in a free country.

Rick Sarmento, Tempe

IMMIGRATION: It's 'criminal profiling'

It’s strange that the assistant attorney general of Arizona, Joel Jacobsen, stated the new immigration bill puts the police in a bad situation. He said requiring policemen to enforce the law by retaining Illegal Immigrants makes their job harder. They arrest other types of lawbreakers for lesser offenses. Illegals knew they broke the law by entering the country illegally. Making Jacobsen’s job harder by defending liberal lawsuits is what he is worried about!

Soviet Union leader Krushev said they would take this country without firing a shot!

Mexico, and our Liberal/Lazy government, has allowed Mexicans to take America without firing a shot!

Working Americans cannot afford to give welfare, health care, Social Security and other benefits to 30 million illegal immigrants that broke the law and never paid into the system! Our laziness on enforcing the border laws only encourages other illegals to come ride the gravy train!

There is no such thing as “racial profiling.” It is all “criminal profiling” regardless of their skin color!

Arizona needs to pass another law to make it illegal for any non-resident (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.) to enter the state with intent to incite a riot to protest laws!

Also, “Anchor Babies” should be citizens of the country of any alien parent, not the U.S.

Don Wood, Gautier, Miss.

STATE PARKS: Closures hurt tourism

“Recently, we learned that 13 of the 27 Arizona State Parks are to be closed or may be in danger of closing due to the budget cut.

Homolovi Ruins State Park, Jerome State Historic Park, Lyman Lake State Park, McFarland State Historic Park and Oracle State Park are already closed due to the budget crisis. The Payson communities supported financially to stay open the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park until September.

State Parks are our natural treasure for our environment, economy, health and recreational activities. Arizona, one of the hottest deserts in the nation, has many beautiful parks and recreation areas for tourist attractions. The parks in the lower deserts are flourished with vegetation of the local environment. By closing our state parks, tourists will go elsewhere. Our State Parks in Northern Arizona are great escape from the desert heat. Please write to your congressmen to let your voice be heard. For the latest news of state parks, please visit their website at http://azstateparks.com.”

Shums AbdusSamad, Laveen

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