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Posted: Tuesday, October 16, 2007 9:07 pm

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Tackle even small crimes

I’m with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. If the police officers were allowed to “go after” and cite illegal immigrants for all violations — including misdemeanors of all kinds such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, leaving the scene of an accident, death of a person due to DUI, and so on — there may be fewer felony charges such as criminal damage, assault, possession and sale of illegal drugs, theft and breaking and entering. This would allow officers time to do their regular routine stops. This should include no proof of financial responsibility (no insurance).

Police chiefs from all counties should allow their officers to do their duties and carry out their jobs.




Fear fascism more

“Socialism, bad. Fascism, good?” If I am to believe what I read from my fellow Arizonans, “liberalism equates to socialism.” Another case of right-wing fear mongering? If we are to live in fear of liberals, why not tell the whole story of our political nature and look at fascism?

In that case, national pride leads to a constant use of patriotic mottos, and disdain for the individual and civil liberties lead the way as military and police gain power. Leaders use fear to gain support against a perceived common threat. Military funding is disproportionate to domestic needs. The male-dominated inner circle becomes almost homophobic while control is exerted over the media. Common religion is used as a tool to manipulate opinion.

The power elite are defined by their business relationships and labor is suppressed. Political cronyism and corruption rise as smear campaigns and media support of the power brokers allow for the manipulation of elections. The middle class evaporates. Military force is mandated.

Sound familiar? Of course I am talking about Italy under Mussolini. But it all does ring a bell somehow.

If “liberals” support socialism, does that mean those who support the compassionate conservatism we now have in office support fascism? If so, we have a right to be fearful. That is certainly not the Republican Party I want to be part of.




Power of change in our hands

Just two years from now, we will have six of the nine Supreme Court justices older than age 70. Within that same time frame, we, as a voting public could also swap out 33 percent of the Senate, the entire House of Representatives, and the executive branch of our government. Change is within our reach. How nice would it be if we actually used the power of the ballot and cleaned up this mess?

I don’t care what political party one belongs to if any, but voting has massive implications. Local, state and federal elections seem to attract only a tiny percentage of registered voters, let alone all the citizens who are eligible to vote. This represents an enormous weak point in our responsibilities as citizens. We vote people into office sometimes with less than 10 percent of the eligible voters casting ballots. What has this lack of responsible voting brought us? One could fill a library with all the refuse coming from the floor of the Congress.

Of course, there are many decent and honorable office holders, but they are few and overpowered by the not-so-honorable on a daily basis. My point is we need to stop this current trend of electing whoever can manipulate the public best, by using whatever means of their choosing. Washington has entered into micromanaging every aspect of our lives; I personally want them out of the micro-managing our private business and back to their original duties of ensuring domestic tranquility, providing for our common defense and promoting our general welfare.




It must be chilly down there

By awarding a Nobel Prize to Al Gore for his propaganda piece on global warming, the prize has been reduced to the same status as a typical Hollywood self-awarded statue.

If Gore deserves a Nobel, then there is no possibility that there is global warming: after all this proves that Hell has frozen over.




Flying no longer fun

The recent incident involving the tragic death of a woman at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport may or may not be the fault of the police. Hopefully, all the evidence will be made available for the investigation and the truth will come out.

However, the recent death points out the sad fact that airport personnel, from the TSA people, the parking enforcers, the police and the airline workers have all elevated themselves to positions of power and authority far beyond their training, their mandate and their job description.

Going to the airport these days is almost like checking into a federal prison. One misstep and out come the rubber gloves for a strip-search. One complaint about the stupidity and uselessness of some of their rules and you are threatened with being prevented from boarding your flight, or even with arrest.

Once you pass into the domain of airport personnel, you are in a free-fire zone that they control with the help of federal and local government. It might be worth it if any intelligent human being believed that anything more than a metal detector is needed at the airport passenger gates. The screening should be at cargo and luggage points.

It’s time for these people to be given training in how to deal with the people who are not only paying their salaries, but are making their jobs necessary. I’m sure that I am not alone in now seeking any possible alternative to air travel before ever deciding to make my travel plans by air. The more people that do that, the fewer airport personnel will be needed and the sooner some of these out-of-control ones will experience a taste of their own medicine.



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