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The Vent: July 8

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Posted: Sunday, July 8, 2012 9:41 am

“I think it is laughable that Romney thinks all his Republicans are going to vote for him. Now that President Obama has secured the health insurance, who in their right mind would vote away Medicare or Social Security? Plus, I want the Republicans to know that this is not a gift; we workers paid our share.”

“Mussolini made the trains run on time. Mitt Romney will keep your lights on.”

“Obamacare will hurt more people then help them.”

“Since the president and the Supreme Court do not believe the voters of Arizona, we should secede from the union. Do not vote for Obama; vote for yourself or anyone you think will believe you.”

“Steve Nash to the Lakers! Where’s the (Asbestos Bob) Goldwater Institute when you need them?”

“I guess that now that Obamacare is the law, all of the illegal aliens and poor people are going to be taxed by Obama if they don’t get health insurance. Or will they be thrown in jail if they don’t pay the tax? What ... I see, their insurance will be paid for by people who already have insurance like it is now when they go to the emergency room for treatment.”

“Who are more racist: The 50% of voters not voting for President Obama or the 90% of African American that voted for him?”

“I called the customer service phone number for Chase Bank today. My call was answered by a woman in the Philippines. I won’t go into the details of the conversation, but it was very frustrating trying to communicate with her. Last year Chase Bank paid its chief executive, Jamie Dimon, compensation valued at $23 million. The bank even paid $21,375 to secure Dimon’s home. I guess he couldn’t afford it on his ‘modest’ salary. Why can’t the bank hire people in the United States to answer phone calls? I’m sure there are unemployed people who would love to have the job.”

“Your lead story of July 6 documents how sad our sad Arizona has become. Concerned citizens band together to get funding for the maintenance of state parks, the existence of which benefits all and spurs the tourism industry. Unfortunately, they come up short. Our legislators won’t fund this basic state service as well as others, such as education, because they claim to be balancing the budget. That balance is dependent not only on gutting basic services, but by maintaining a stream of revenue, and this our legislators fail to do when they cut the taxes of corporations and the wealthy. The rich really do get richer and the rest of us just have to muddle through.”

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