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Group's plan limits kids' access to Internet porn

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Posted: Saturday, March 15, 2008 11:02 pm | Updated: 9:49 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

Efforts to save innocence from perversion on the Web are gaining traction. Families, businesses and schools are throwing their mighty clout behind those working to do what should have been done long ago: Put porn in its place.

First, remember this name and site: CP80 Foundation, Hopefully, the foundation will become so big, so important, that it will serve to change the Internet.

Here's the proposal which is causing a stir: Use a different Web "port" for adult entertainment than is used for main stream business. CP80 (Community Ports 80) is promoting the Internet Community Ports Act, a sensible plan to place "the 400 million" pornographic Web sites in designated "content-specific ports." Before yelling censorship, know the legislative measure still protects individual choice without inhibiting free speech - no different, really, than TV, radio and print.

This is how it'll work: For novices, like myself, think of the Web like the world of television channels. The Web has some 65,000 channels called "ports." Yet, only one port is being used for all activity. "Content-specific ports" would be just like city-planned zones. One zone, or port, labeled "Community Ports," would provide general audience service. That's where kids, schools and businesses can safely use the Web without surprises. Adult content would be assigned to a different port called "Open Ports." There, porn can find a home. The split gives users confidence and free agency in a world of information, where filters have been only partly successful in blocking the bad stuff.

The foundation assures us "the solution honors and supports the principles and tradition of the U.S. Constitution's protections for freedom of expression." That's an important element if this is to gain worldwide approval, which is the goal.

Stories about the exposure of children to Web porn are so common they're barely noted by media, but media do mark the latest trend of kid cell phone porn. CP80 offers a few examples:

In Farmington, Utah: Using their cell phones, "13-14 year old boys and girls shared naked photos of themselves." In one Pennsylvania town, nude cell phone images of two girls - "one appeared to be non-consensual - were passed around the local high school." In Britain: "A 25-year-old mother was repeatedly raped in front of her young children by a group of young teens who posted the video on YouTube." Australia's ABC News reported, "Children are sexually abusing children. Five- and 6-year-olds are being referred for treatment." Where do kids get these ideas? Guess.

Traci Beagley, an East Valley married mother of three, found CP80 after reading "Home Invasion" by Rebecca Hagelin. She and some 400 other Valley concerned citizens are tirelessly working to move the proposal forward. She said, "Because filters are easily circumvented, pornography can enter our homes or businesses. I want the choice. The CP80 solution gives consumers a choice."

What to do? Register as a global supporter of the initiative on the CP80 Web site. Promote CP80 on your Web sites. Encourage organizations to do the same. Contact local and national elected representatives. Take advantage of CP80's free online training for parents.

Local advocates have already met with Sen. John Kyl. R-Ariz., on the matter. Arizona, along with nearly a dozen other states, is expected to pass resolutions this spring. HCM2001 is currently headed into the Arizona House Rrules Committee with three state representatives as sponsors; Michele Reagan, R-Scottsdale; Kirk Adams, R-Mesa; and Rich Crandall, R-Mesa.

The truth is porn scum will hate this plan. They celebrate the "accidental" grooming of children. If this sort of regulation is to happen, it'll take a groundswell around the globe.

This is a simple, common sense remedy, one which addresses the attack on the young of the human species. Amazingly, it's been under our noses since the Web was born. Lend your support and make it happen.

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