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The Vent: March 13

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Posted: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 8:35 am

“The wanton annihilation of Afghani civilians by American personnel is one more reason for us to get our act out of Afghanistan and the entire Middle East, and stop trying to be the self-appointed policemen of the world.”

“Men, wake up and protect your women from a new terrorist threat. The Taliban have more respect for their women than the Republican Party does.”

“This is to the guy that complained about snowbirds taking all the handicapped spaces: Some day you to will be old and then even your little pea brain will be able understand what a simple little issue like this is all about.”

“We had out-of-state visitors here and we took them all around Mesa. They couldn’t get over all the greenery. The only problem: It was all growing out of our sidewalks! Way to go, Scottie!”

“What do ‘Happily Divorced’, ‘Hot in Cleveland’, ‘Good Christian [Belles]’ and President Obama have in common? They were all brought to you by the political left for the purpose of destroying traditional American culture and values.”

After voting in the Arizona Republican primary I returned to my car and tossed the ‘I Voted’ sticker on the dash and thought what a waste of time. Only later did I realize that the sticker was the perfect size to obscure my check engine light.”

“To the Venter about Limbaugh feeling the heat: The sponsors that dumped his show are now begging to come back. They are the ones feeling the heat.”

“For the last several years the liberals have been pounding into our heads that Fox News is outside the mainstream and cannot be trusted. Never an ounce of evidence backing that claim but then that is how liberals argue. Belittle and marginalize because the facts will never back you up.”

“Don’t you just love the hypocrisy of our Mesa City Hall big shots and their developer applicants. On the one hand, they are touting the jobs being generated by their projects, and on the other hand, these developers are using foreign firms to build them. One can only wonder if the construction workers will be foreigners (illegals) too. What ever happened to change Mesa’s motto of ‘buy local, think global’? There are no local Mesa, East Valley, Arizona or even United States firms that can design and build houses? I think the Mesa City Hall needs to buy a larger Old Glory to remind the occupants of what country they are living in.”

“Why does everyone panic at the thought of budget cuts to law enforcement agencies? What do they really do for us? Most of the ‘criminals’ police catch are just ordinary citizens who are criminalized for acts of ‘civil disobedience’. Law enforcement officials themselves will be the first to tell you that they ‘don’t have the resources’ to protect either you or your property. Even if they had unlimited budgets they still could not. It’s up to us, the citizenry, to protect ourselves, our families, and our property.”

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