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The Vent: Jan. 27

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Posted: Friday, January 27, 2012 9:12 am

"Obama can't even stand Brewer's heat. How can we expect that he stand up to the heat applied by an enemy of America? He continually acts like an arrogant spoiled child. He's not my leader. I wouldn't follow him into the bathroom."

"I know what Gov. Brewer was doing when she wagged her finger at Obama: She was saying, ‘I am a H-I-L-L-B-I-L-L-Y.'"

"Shame, shame, shame on you Gov. Brewer. What was going through your head when you point your fingers and talk over the top of the President of the United States? Didn't appear anything was! You acted like an old lady scolding a young boy and treating a president with no respect. What a black eye for the state of Arizona and the people that put you in office. Talk about your 15 minutes of fame and how to be remembered! It doesn't matter if you're a Democrat or Republican, he's the commander in chief and deserves respect. What a total fool you made of yourself and showed the country and world just what little class you have. I can't wait until your term is up, maybe the state can get some dignity back then."

"Just when I think I could not have a lower opinion of our illustrious governor, she does something that serves to increase my sense of disgust and embarrassment. Common sense and decency should be the order of the day when the president of the free world visits to use your state's industry as something that is right and worthy of emulation everywhere in our country. If you have a personal beef with President Obama, Gov. Brewer, why the heck didn't you speak to him in private about it? That photo with you pointing your finger at our President, merely shows your lack of civility, lack of good judgment, and poor taste."

"I think alot of people would enjoy a website with all the Vent comments people send in. I mostly pick up the paper to read the opinions and the vent letters. If possible please print more vent comments. Have a good day!"

"So Leon C thinks it's OK for American soldiers to pee on the dead? My best friend did four tours in Iraq as a soldier and seeing the pics made him physically ill. He fought for our country, and soldiers like that are a disgrace to the armed forces."

"Doesn't the Mesa school district realize that those elementary students carrying loaded guns to school were just exercising their Second Amendment rights? According to NRA logic if all kids carried loaded guns to school our schools would be much safer."

"Legislators are considering a bill to outlaw texting while driving for teenagers only. This is bad law. It allows adults to do something equally as dangerous without penalty. The fact that more teens get involved in accidents from this behavior does not excuse adults from doing it."

"I know it is a tough decision, but I suggest all medical facilities have a ‘pay as you go' for all illegal aliens. The President wants to cut back health care costs, which most medical facilities are already doing with ‘layoffs of personnel.' State, county and city government agencies cutting back on education, safety, and all services etc. So let's look at the critical drain on health care costs for free health care services for bona fide felons."

"Hey, Mitt! Could you help me with some investment advice? See, I have quite a little nest-egg, and I'd like to know how to squirrel it all away in an account in the Cayman Islands, where the IRS can't get its hands on it. For the stuff I have to file on, I'd like to get away with paying 15 percent tax, too! Maybe then people will hire me to give speeches on how to do it and get away with it. I think I'd like to make around $300K+ doing that; not much, just spending money - you know - ‘chump change.' "

"After Romney lost in South Carolina he said ‘I don't shrink from competition. I embrace it. I believe competition makes us stronger.' Well stake president Romney you sure didn't ‘embrace' the Vietnam War draft now did you? Now that ‘competition' sure would have made you a heck of a lot stronger and you would have the American military voter too."

"The captain of the Costa Concordia did a far better job of piloting the ship, than Obama has done with the American economy. Perhaps there is a Nobel prize in the captain's future?"


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