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The Vent: Jan. 22

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Posted: Sunday, January 22, 2012 9:47 am

"The Border Patrol announced they will toughen policies. Duh, it's an election year and the Spectator in Chief wants to score points without actually doing anything."

"The idea of politicians wearing uniforms like NASCAR drivers do - so we could identify their corporate sponsors - was a great one! Haha!"

"The GOP forced Obama's hand on the pipeline. Obama knew he was going to make a bad decision, that is why he wanted to delay until after he gets voted out to screw it up."

"What a great President we have! With one stroke of the pen (denying the pipeline from Canada) he has raised our gas prices at the pump, increased our dependence on the Middle Eastern countries for oil, denied jobs to many thousands of Americans and hurt the environment with Canada now proceeding to ship crude oil to China, who could care less about carbon emissions. By the way I'm a moderate Republican who voted for Obama in the last election and likely would have voted for him again."

"If our local public school teachers want to engender respect from both student and parent, they could start by getting rid of the body piercings and cool it with the tattoos. Ironed pants and shirts for the men and ‘modest' outfits for the women would go a long way to gain some authority in the classroom. Teachers should stop trying to ‘blend in' and try to ‘stand out' from the student body. Get respect the old-fashioned way: Earn it."

"Perhaps Newt Gingrich has a simple and straight-forward solution to the furor now brewing over his moral values and his abysmal history with marriage. Neuter Newt! Can't you just hear Drew Carey ending The Price is Right each day saying ‘Don't forget to have both your pets and candidates spayed or neutered.' Where one U might not be enough, a double U just might do the trick! "

"So a little of Mitt ‘Iowa Landslide' Romney's straight-as-an-arrow luster is starting to rub off in the last couple of days. His ‘Iowa Landslide' turned out to be a Rick Santorum ‘Tsunami' with Rick winning by all of 34 votes. Then we find out that Mitt has stashed millions and millions of his estimated $250-$350 million fortune in of all places, the Cayman Islands away from IRA scrutiny. His old firm has some 150 or so ‘Cayman Funds' churning away millions in interest. With Romney's tax-deductible tithing gifts in the tens of millions to his church, much of it in fast-food company (they hate the anti-Illegal alien hiring provisions of Russell Pearce's SB 1070 Law) stock, no wonder Mitt only pays 15 percent taxes. We should all be so lucky."

"The movie and music industries are demanding a new law holding ISPs accountable for online piracy. Why should ISPs be required to spend money and time to supervise everything that comes across their networks to make sure the movie/music industry doesn't miss a dime in profit? Is the movie/music industry going to hire people/lawyers/programmers to make sure no customers stiff the ISPs? I don't think so. Laws already exist to protect music/movie industry from pirates. But they have to catch the bad guys themselves. That means THEY have to spend the money to catch them. No - they want someone else to pay to make sure they don't lose money."


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