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Greater spirituality among 2010 predictions

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Posted: Thursday, December 31, 2009 3:19 pm | Updated: 2:23 am, Sat Oct 8, 2011.

Linda Turley-Hansen: Is it really over - the life we're accustomed to? It seems that's the case. No matter whom I talk with, there's a consensus that things have shifted across the land. And most are convinced our world will continue to wobble in 2010.

Is it really over - the life we're accustomed to? It seems that's the case. No matter whom I talk with, there's a consensus that things have shifted across the land. And most are convinced our world will continue to wobble in 2010.

There's strong sentiment that the current struggle in America will make the way for vast spiritual enlightenment to have its day. Before you anti-religious thinkers shudder, remember enlightenment is not confined to organized religion.

Recently, a daughter put in my hands a magazine titled Pure Inspiration ( Honestly, after reading and watching decades of news productions and the usual tripe-for-politics found within, I devoured its approach to what ails the world. It scrutinizes root causes, reminding us of our interconnection with every earthly thing and how our thoughts and actions have produced what we are today.

The idea that answers begin with the "one" is not a new concept, but don't count on it to reach critical mass soon. It's hard to motivate self when all around are proceeding as normal. However, what I like about the truth is, none of us needs to be victims. "Master of self" applies in every circumstance when willpower governs.

Back to those news magazines and media shows - and I mean shows - few of us can comprehend what the abdication of a balanced news media actually means to our democratic, citizen representation system. The old, reliable watchdogs are simply gone, leaving us at high risk.

Via the Web, we've watched the "rise of the anti-media" in a revolution that has forever changed how we share information. One example is found within the America's 1st Freedom magazine (January 2010), which reviews a book by Brian Anse Patrick. Patrick discusses a "horizontal, anti-media interpretive community," created by "co-equals, who create, share and interpret their own world." Commonality has found a new delivery vehicle, and the world's peoples are responding.

He claims the new system is responsible for the growth of the concealed-weapon carry movement among gun advocates, which would never have happened under the old media's watch. The seductiveness of the anti-media avenue may explain why the sanctity of the free Web is being eyed by powers that want to control minds and pocketbooks. They never quit.

For now, watch this trend for 2010 and beyond: Wedges of interests, disenchanted with our culture, will continue to develop and pull together, even unto isolation, provoked by a growing, cannibalistic U.S. and world governments, which have American riches within their sights.

The spiritually enlightened will expand among those pockets. More will embrace the intricate link among every living thing. The tie that binds us all has been ignored for ages, thus we're in trouble in the most simple of life issues such as the foods we eat, cosmetic addictions, and how we treat the Earth and its species; our human brothers and sisters not the least on a long list.

Include the collapse of moral values, the explosion of self-indulgence, the worship of riches and corruption in the highest and lowest places. And, clearly, there's the growing attitude that those who have worked hard to sustain themselves and families are required to take care of those who won't. Government's insistence on taxing its citizens to promote this practice for no other reason than political power will enslave all Americans in ways that will force every one of us to our knees.

And, perhaps it's there that we'll embrace spiritual enlightenment and understand what it really means. However, here's the truth surrounding this transition: Governments cannot force mankind to adopt the link between all living things. The desire to live on a higher plateau rather than by base desires comes through free will, the love of self and life and for most of us, through the love of Deity. It requires inner change - not political lies.

This is the catch: History shows that, generally, such enlightenment comes through suffering. Shall we embrace or flee from the current shift? I say, bring it on.

Linda Turley-Hansen is a syndicated columnist and former veteran Phoenix television news anchor who lives in the East Valley. She can be reached by e-mail at

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