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The Vent: March 21

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Posted: Wednesday, March 21, 2012 9:58 am

“It sure is sad day in our society when an old man, who can walk, wants to take a disabled parking space from a young boy in a wheelchair, who can’t walk. And no, my son will not have the opportunity to be old some day.”

“Why is it that whenever the Tribune runs a story about Russell Pearce, we always have to hear comments from Randy Parraz? The new law being shaped in the Legislature will stop anymore illegal recalls! With Russell Pearce winning another Senate seat in November, Randy Parraz goes from the limelight back to fulfilling his lifetime qualifications of being a nobody!”

“OK — The two taxpayer-supported multimillion dollar basketball programs in Arizona did not make the NCAA tournament but the two schools in New Mexico did. Surely this confirms Sarah Palin’s ‘end of days’ in 2012.”

“A poll was recently taken by a college on current events and people that listen to Fox News knows less than people that do not listen to any news because of lies, misinformation and made-up stories.”

“High gas prices. What to do, what to do! Should I write in Newt who promises $2.50 a gallon or Bimbo Bachman who promised $1.99?”

“I wish I was half as smart as Rod Livdahl thinks he is!”

“Yo Linda, no free birth control means more welfare children — I wonder who will pay for them? Please think outside your world.”

“I am pro-life and centrist politically but believe women should have access to birth control through nonprofit means. No cost to us!”

“All that Staff Sgt. Bales needed was to be slapped around a little by someone like General Patton to win his heart and mind. Maybe if the objective is win hearts and minds you should send the Peace Corps instead of men trained to kill.”

“Why does CNN and all the other liberal TV channels want America to start another war with the Syrians? Just look at what happened in Libya after we helped the poor “dissidents.” These dissidents are turning out to be al-Qaeda/Taliban fighters. We would have been better off with crazy Qaddafi. Every time you turn on Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper or Fareed Zakaria they are showing dead or wounded Syrians. If the Syrian people want democracy then they can fight for it just like we did in 1776. Are Syrians going to die? Yes, that’s what happens in a civil war. Americans are sick and tired and broke fighting everybody else’s wars.”

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