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Letters to the editor: May 15

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Posted: Thursday, May 15, 2008 1:15 am | Updated: 10:04 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2011.

We encourage readers to submit letters to the editor on issues of interest to East Valley residents. Submissions should be no longer than 300 words, factually accurate and original thoughts of the writer. Please be brief and include name, address, city and phone number for verification. Letters and call-in comments may be edited for clarity and length.

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We encourage readers to submit letters to the editor on issues of interest to East Valley residents. Submissions should be no longer than 300 words, factually accurate and original thoughts of the writer. Please be brief and include name, address, city and phone number for verification. Letters and call-in comments may be edited for clarity and length.

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We need more than fish stories

Mesa’s choice for mayor should be a “no-brainer.” Scott Smith should be everyone’s hands down selection.

He has passed, with highest distinction, all of the necessary requirements to be this city’s next leader.

Smith has impeccable credentials, holding CPA, MBA and jurist doctorate degrees. He is a successful businessman, outstanding family man with pro-family values, and he has a definite stake in Mesa’s future. His integrity is impeccable.

Smith has the experience of sitting in conference with corporate executives of Fortune 500 companies. This will be essential in bringing new business to Mesa. He is dedicated to fiscal responsibility and accountability. He is pro-controlled development and a vibrant, revitalized downtown, to help raise the standard of living for everyone and make Mesa the city that will attract families and quality business.

He took an anemic business that was on life support and turned it into a thriving multimillion-dollar enterprise. He “has it made” from a financial standpoint but his sights are set on taking our city, which is on life support, and turning it into a thriving municipality. It would be very easy for him to just relax and enjoy the easy life. His plans for Mesa’s future are progressive and on point, not just “more of the same” as we have had in the past.

What would be your choice, a mayor that has the background to attract new business opportunities to Mesa for future development, or someone who can tell you where to find fish in Florida?

Smith is running for this city’s highest elected office for one reason, to make Mesa a better place to raise our families and allow each citizen the ability to follow their dream.




Which Dem might choke?

On May 9, you headlined a story with: “Math favors Obama — if he doesn’t choke.”

Would anyone suggest Sen. Hillary Clinton would choke? I thought not.

If Sen. Barack Obama gets elected (big if), remember what the mindless “devotion” of people who barely know who is he has wrought.

Remember it when his academic hangers-on start trying to be bureaucrats.

When we don’t get out of Iraq.

When he has to mop up Bush’s last-minute war with Iran.

When he has to use his fancy law degree and experience in Chicago “organizing” to recast the globe and all of diplomacy.

When he gets a little more out there about “black power,” a la his chosen place of worship.

When he starts talking about Ronald Reagan as his hero again.

When his wife in her specially designed Jackie O clothes keeps whining about how mean people are and about how they would never had paid their student loans without two best-selling books.

Just remember, you heard it here first.




Cult had to be broken up

Those who have attacked the state of Texas for removing all of the FLDS children to foster care are either misinformed or guilty of faulty reasoning. Consider the facts: well over half the girls age 13 to 17 are or were pregnant. Credible evidence of routine physical abuse has been uncovered. All those involved lived in a tiny, isolated community where knowledge of such rampant mistreatment had to be well-known and obvious. To deny knowledge defies reason.

In addition, children were instructed to repeatedly lie to authorities as to their age, identity and family affiliation. The only reasonable course of action was to separate the children from potential abusers until the facts of each child’s situation could be determined. Anything else could have perpetuated the abusive conditions for the children.

All those who raped children, both statutory and forced, should spend decades or more in prison. Those who encouraged or supported or in any way participated in any form of abuse should receive the maximum punishment. Those who simply knew of such behavior but took no action are both criminals and cowards. If all of the adults who inflicted this despicable behavior on the children or who were aware of it are sent to prison, few adults will avoid punishment. In prison, they will soon discover people who prey on children are the lowest scum and are treated accordingly by fellow inmates.

To claim that these pedophiles’ religious beliefs are being violated is ridiculous. No group that promotes child rape and pervasive abuse deserves to even utter the word “religion.” If the state of Texas deserves any criticism, it should be for the failure to act more quickly to protect the children of this pathetic group.




Living proof of the need

Last weekend while riding his BMX bicycle at the Chandler bike park, my son had an accident. He was propelled over the top of his handlebars and landed face-first on the concrete. He didn’t have time to put his hands out to catch himself, so his face took the full impact. He was riding alone and a stranger—a good Samaritan named Robert—called our home to notify his dad and me.

He isn’t paralyzed or blinded, although he easily might have been. Rather, he literally smashed his face. Some very talented surgeons at Banner Desert Medical Center spent two days putting him back together. He lost a front tooth, his jaws are wired shut, his nose is broken and he has four permanent titanium plates holding his eye-bones and cheekbones in place as they heal.

Our son is 21 and chose not to wear a helmet that day. It is a small decision he will always regret. He will miss his university final exams and may lose his coveted summer internship in Colorado. And there is no way to predict other ways this accident may affect his future.

I’m writing this letter to implore parents to insist their children wear helmets when riding their bikes or skateboards.

If even one child or adult is spared a potentially life-threatening injury, I am thankful.




Defend your right to fish

Someone’s trying to steal the lake at Water Ranch from the hundreds of weekly anglers who typically use it, parents teaching their kids to fish, old-timers who can’t easily go elsewhere, and handicapped anglers who find it accessible to wheelchairs and walkers.

At a May 1 meeting of the Gilbert Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, a few elitists proposed to make the lake a catch-and-release, artificial lures-only facility. Bait fishing would no longer be allowed and the majority of the current users would have to move on. Judge David Phares, who spearheads the movement, suggested “If people want fish they can go buy it at Safeway.” He also said that current users should find other places to fish, noting that several are 35 minutes away.

I say “Hell, no, we won’t go!” Water Ranch is Gilbert’s only fishing hole, and has been for nine years. Arizona Game and Fish recommends keeping Water Ranch as part of the urban program. At the present time, Parks and Recreation is taking the Phares proposal under consideration. If you are against the lake-nappers taking over our fishing hole, call the Parks and Recreation administration at (480) 503-6200 or write them at 70 E. Civic Center Drive, Gilbert, and make your feelings known.




Be all we can be

We need tourism to sustain our vibrant community.

When you create a range of experiences in a community that are characterized by excellence comparable to the highest world standards, the entire community benefits.

This is what we do in Scottsdale so that visitors will be enchanted and delighted regardless of their city or country of origin. We are constantly challenged by their expectations and this forces us to expect excellence from ourselves in everything we do.

At the Scottsdale Cultural Council the standards of artistic excellence by which we abide are fundamental to our mandate. The economic realities that make this possible are generated by the large flow of discriminating visitors and part-time residents who expect our cultural offerings to be on a par with those to which they are accustomed in the cities they come from.

There is one more element that needs to be included here. This constant flow of visitors and tourists gives Scottsdale a direct and tangible channel of communication with the rest of the world. Our visitors keep us up to date on all developments in every field of endeavor so that we, as a community, are constantly forced to renew ourselves. In the arts, this inflow of intellectual and cultural information embodied in the expectations of visitors obligates us to provide arts experiences that are intriguing and path-breaking, often by emerging artists, along with programmatic content that is more familiar.

This challenges us to grow and explore as we fulfill our need for aesthetic experiences. Yes, we do need tourists to be what we want to be.




Forgetting what is American

As an older, fifth-generation, “Caucasian descendent of pioneering and founding native Arizonians” I would like to know how C. Joni Adams claims authority (Letters, May 3), being only third-generation.

Equally confusing is her tirade against patriots Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and SB1108. Thomas Jefferson said: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.” Ben Franklin said: “We have given you a Republic, If you can keep it.”

Yes, Arizona does have a Mexican culture, but they did sell the Southwest to the U.S., and now some of them want the improved version back by demographic “reconquista,” which would replace our republic as thousands of illegals cross our border every night. The letter seems ignorant to the fact that sedition and separatism are arrogantly, and previously secretively, being indoctrinated to students in Tucson with taxpayer dollars.

Anyone that is frightened by Sheriff Joe is not a “law-abiding citizen” and that includes employers. Adams certainly has contributed to “outraged community members,” because of her pathetic letter which is beyond “sadness and disgust.” Why is she so anxious to “celebrate diversity” and to diminish the unique experience of American values?



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