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Letter: Progressive Zombie epistemology growing in need

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Posted: Monday, July 23, 2012 6:51 am

The Trib’s article on Zombie Estate Planning and Tax Law was greatly appreciated (EVTrib, July 18, pg. 11). Progressive Zombie epistemology is becoming a greater and greater need in today’s world, what with a Zombie President, and Zombies in Congress (this list could go on forever, Zombie Media, Zombie Presidential Campaigns, Zombie Face Eaters, etc, etc.).

Professor Chodorow (ASU law professor and tax expert) is a brave soul in an emerging branch of epistemology, Zombie Science. As our understanding of the universe grows in the academic world and a blanket of intellectual darkness descends on the plebescite (aka Obama/Pelosi “zombie legislation” — “you can’t understand the law, it’s too complicated, we have to pass it so you can see what’s in it....”), it becomes a necessity to answer questions previously uncharted in human thought.

I myself have ventured into the perilous waters of theoretical philosophy, with seemingly wild-eyed theories that strike at the very heart of common cultural and religious belief, only to pay a dear price at the hands of self-appointed inquisitors set on maintaining the status quo structuralism of the current age.

More interest is being paid each day to Zombie Science which will benefit the world in as yet unimaginable ways. If I may point your readers to a website that caters to Zombie thought and culture, please visit zombietheology.com, where authors can ply their brilliance to this fascinating field of study. I am not affiliated with the publishers of this website, but I have contributed. You may read my article “Zombie Eschatology” at http://zombietheology.com/zombie-eschatology/.

Professor Chodorow’s list of applicable zombie examples was highly informative, and asked probing questions, not the least of which begs the real question, “What do we do when the government itself and the tax law itself becomes as empty-headed as a Zombie, caring for nothing but eating it’s own culture alive?” How do we cure that infection? Do we want a cure? Only a thorough examination of the Zombie organism can tell us. Kudos, East Valley Tribune for cutting edge journalism that gets straight to the point!

Sonny Craig

Apache Junction

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