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Letter: Not a duck, but an eagle

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Posted: Wednesday, December 28, 2011 9:04 am

In response to the numerous “Venters” who support Sheriff Joe:

You seem to think there is no problem with the sheriff and his deputies arresting people because they don’t look like a citizen. One venter even said, “If it looks like a duck, acts like a duck, and quacks like a duck...” Well, I have a story that I hope will change your perspective. 

My husband came to the United States over 13 years ago — legally — on a student visa. We married and then filed for a change of status, and then later to become a permanent resident. We followed all the steps, jumped through all the hoops, and paid all the filing fees. At one point, we had an interview with an INS agent. I was seven months pregnant and the man told us he thought we were married for convenience and put a hold on his status. It took two more children, the purchase of two homes, owning his successful business, and more paperwork to convince the powers that be that we were committed to each other, and not just married so he could become a citizen.

After more than seven years, and thousands of dollars in filing fees, my husband was allowed to take the tests to become a citizen. He studied hard and received a 100 percent on a test that most natural born citizens would have difficulty even passing. Friends and family attended his swearing in ceremony and we are grateful that he is now a citizen of our great country.

Now, if you saw my husband you might say he looks like a duck. If you speak to him, you might say he sounds like a duck. However, you would be wrong! He is an eagle. Not because he was born here, but because he chose to and worked hard for the privilege that so many “real citizens” take for granted.

Denise Da-Re


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