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Fantasy of Lights Parade to launch Tempe’s holiday celebration for 20th time

Tempe’s annual holiday kickoff has served as a consistent source of entertainment and joy for families for two decades without necessarily offering the same experience one year after another.

Reloaded Aztecs ready for another run at Div. I title

The saying goes that good teams don’t rebuild, they simply reload. That seems to be the case with the East Valley’s boys basketball teams as several of them are set to make deep playoff runs again.

Colburn: Slow Internet browsing tips

Question: How good are Wi-Fi connections on airplanes and are they worth paying for?

The Vent: Nov. 26 || Trans fats; President Obama; Gruber

“Trans fats can be found in fast foods, snack foods, frozen pizza, coffee creamers, margarines and some refrigerated dough. While trans fats increase the shelf life of foods, they reduce the shelf life of people.”