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Downtown Mesa introduces monthly festival

A new event is coming Sept. 19 to downtown Mesa in the form of Flash Park Friday, with the businesses lining Main Street offering “parks” on the sidewalk next to their storefront that are related to a monthly theme — the first being splash parks. Attendees of all ages will enjoy cooling off on a large water slide and playing in a pop-up splash park free of charge. Other activities ranging from a scavenger hunt to fishing for concert tickets and free giveaways add to the festivities. The event is also pet-friendly, so don’t hesitate to bring Fido along for the fun.

Man caught in wood chipper, killed in Chandler

Police say a man is dead after he got caught in a wood chipper at a Chandler business Thursday morning.

Arizona GOP replaces Pearce as top leader

The Arizona Republican Party has named a replacement for former Sen. Russell Pearce, who resigned his top party post following a backlash to his remarks advocating mandatory contraception or sterilization for people on Medicaid.

Keeping the Faith: Another brick in the wall

Janet Hagberg was the first person who defined the experience for me. I had lived through it, but I didn’t know what to call it. In a book entitled, “The Critical Journey,” Janet called the experience, simply, “The Wall.” My summary goes like this. Many people begin their walk of faith, and everything goes as they expected. Out of genuine conviction, they attend church, learn from the Scriptures, volunteer, serve, give, and become “productive, committed, faithful, Christians” (whatever that exactly means, who knows?). But somewhere along the way things go wrong. Terribly wrong.

Letter: Shame on council for raising tax rate

According to a Tribune article on April 13, Mesa’s City Council raised the secondary property tax rate from $.86 per $100 to $1.18 per $100. This increased revenue for 2014-15 from $22.1 million to $33.4 million.