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Valley residents split on Obama’s Cuba decision

President Obama's proposal to resume diplomatic relations with Cuba has elicited mixed reactions from Valley residents with Cuban roots.

Gilbert woman uses wedding gowns to make clothes for deceased infants

Karen Gillian is not a maid of honor that has bridesmaid dresses from 27 different weddings like in the 2008 film “27 Dresses.” Rather, the wedding dresses she has in her Gilbert home have a story to tell and have a special purpose: They are made into unique gowns for “angels” in heaven.

Keeping the Faith: Evacuate or evolve

On Sundays you will usually find me in a church somewhere talking about issues of Christian faith.

Letter: Officers make arrests for crimes, not skin color

Well, it seems that President Obama and his attorney general are not the only liberals eager to throw white law enforcement officers “under the bus.” Yup, one of our very own recently came out publicly citing Arizona white law enforcement officers’ high black-American arrest statistics. Who should local law enforcement be arresting in our local inner-cities; Eskimos, Berber tribesmen, or Polynesians?